Market Insights: Jan 17th, 2024


The Chinese A-shares and the Hong Kong stock market both opened lower; Synopsys intends to acquire Ansys for 251.7 billion yuan.

China's Economy and Stock Market Dynamics:

  1. In the fourth quarter of 2023, China's GDP grew by 5.2% year-on-year, which is lower than expected but has exceeded the annual target. The growth for the entire year was also 5.2%.
  2. The Chinese A-shares and the Hong Kong stock market both opened with declines, with the Hang Seng Index falling by more than 2%.
  3. In December, the total retail sales of consumer goods increased by 7.4% year-on-year, with an annual increase of 7.3%. Urban fixed asset investment grew by 3% for the year, while investment in real estate development fell by 9.6%.
  4. The Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges have issued 38 disciplinary actions this year, involving 33 listed companies. The Beijing Stock Exchange's corporate bond market opened on January 15.
  5. The central bank conducted 995 billion yuan worth of medium-term lending facility operations and maintained the interest rate at 2.5%.
  6. Huaxia's Nikkei 225 ETF had a single-day trading volume close to 48 billion yuan, and Huaxia Fund issued a risk warning on the premium of Nikkei 225 ETF fund trading prices and temporarily suspended trading.
  7. The size of new special-purpose local government bonds is expected to reach 4 trillion yuan in 2024.

International Economic and Market Trends:

  1. The market suppression measures of European and American central banks have led to a stronger US dollar and falling gold prices.
  2. The United States launched a new round of strikes against the Houthi forces, affecting shipping activities in the Red Sea region.
  3. Dow Jones industrial average futures fell slightly due to the impact of earnings reports and comments from Federal Reserve Governor Waller. Expectations of rate cuts are heating up, suggesting the Federal Reserve's anti-inflation policy may be nearing an end.

Company and Industry News:

  1. The Hang Seng Index fell, increasing stock market volatility.
  2. Country Garden has appointed KPMG Corporate Consulting (China) as the principal financial advisor for its offshore debt restructuring.
  3. Wang Chuanfu stated that BYD will invest 100 billion yuan in the field of intelligence in the future, leading the direction of new energy vehicle development with a technology route of whole vehicle intelligence.
  4. Synopsys acquired Ansys for a total price of 251.7 billion yuan.
  5. BYD has released the industry's first dual-cycle multi-modal AI architecture—the self-developed Xuanji Architecture, marking significant progress in the field of intelligent driving.

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