Milei's Inauguration Heightens Argentine Peso Devaluation Risks


As Javier Milei is set to assume the presidency of Argentina, the country is undergoing significant financial uncertainty.

As Javier Milei is set to assume the presidency of Argentina, the country is undergoing significant financial uncertainty. The Argentine financial markets are experiencing intense volatility, with various economic indicators reflecting the market's keen attention to potential economic changes under Milei's leadership.

Peso Faces Potential Devaluation Risk

The current official exchange rate in Argentina is 379 pesos per US dollar, but in the parallel market, the trading price reaches around 920 pesos. According to forecasts from financial analysis firm Ambito, the market expects the peso to devalue by as much as 44%, leading to a rate of approximately 500 pesos per US dollar next Monday.

Central Bank Takes Preventive Measures

In anticipation of potential currency fluctuations, the Central Bank of Argentina has introduced a series of new regulations aimed at curbing hoarding of US dollars. These measures mandate that commercial banks' dollar holdings should not exceed the minimum amount recorded between October 12 and December 6, 2023. This measure is taken to prepare for the possible devaluation of the peso by 27% on Milei's first day in office and a potential 44% devaluation in the future.

Economic Policy Orientation of the Milei Government

The economic policies of the Milei government demonstrate a cautious approach. The government has stated that it will not immediately lift existing currency control measures and has postponed plans to abolish the peso. These regulatory measures aim to increase the supply of dollars in the official exchange rate market, potentially aiding in stabilizing the Argentine peso.

Market Predictions and Uncertainty

While the market is rife with predictions of peso devaluation, experts caution that these market trends do not necessarily signify an imminent devaluation. Financial markets are highly reactive and are often influenced by predictions that may not always be accurate.

Critical Moment for the Argentine Economy

Milei's inauguration and the potential devaluation of the peso mark a crucial moment in Argentine financial history. The current condition of the peso is widely viewed as unsustainable, and the market signals the possibility of a substantial decline. As Milei prepares to lift capital controls, investment banks and consulting firms predict further currency devaluation. This expected devaluation may also narrow the gap between the official peso exchange rate and the parallel market rate.

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