Reasons for Long-Term Losses


Are you still distressed by long-term losses? Reading this could change your constant system switching. Many traders fail because they always change their trading systems.

Are you still bothered by long-term losses? Perhaps after reading this article, you might change your habit of constantly switching trading systems. One of the reasons many traders fail to profit is because they always change their trading systems.

In fact, every trading system and strategy has its weaknesses. For instance, during times of clear market trends, moving average crossover strategies can be very useful. However, during periods of increased market volatility or when the market is flat, you may receive many false signals, and stop losses can be easily triggered.

Every trading system is designed for certain market conditions. If the current market condition is different, then losses are more likely to occur. At such times, what you need is perseverance, not a change of trading system. Proper risk management and controlling your capital investment, while waiting for this period to pass, is the smartest move a trader can make. Leveraging the advantages of your trading system to the fullest extent is advisable.

A series of victories cannot last forever

Once the market situation aligns with your trading system, you will begin a series of profits. Many traders become very confident, even arrogant, at this stage. Beware! Greed has begun to control your brain.

Think about it, nothing can last forever. When the profits cannot continue, losses begin. Many people cannot believe that fortune has slipped away, so they try again. As you can imagine, the following attempts result in failure.

Believe that this is not your fault. Do not put too much pressure on yourself because of the losses. Stay calm, maintain your advantage, and continue to wait.

If you trade with the thought "I will become rich quickly"...

You are terribly mistaken! You must be someone who looks for shortcuts. Trading is certainly not a good choice.

Unlike becoming a pilot or a doctor, you do not need so much time to learn a skill. However, it still requires long-term learning. Many people have traded for years without really starting to profit. Why? If you mechanically operate trades without thoughtful consideration and developing your own skills, it all becomes futile. Your losses are just tuition fees paid to the market.

Being a trader in good physical and mental health is very important. Your physical condition can affect your spirit and emotions. If you want to succeed in trading, health must be your top priority.

Trading requires very fast operations, you must remain highly alert and focused. If you constantly have health problems, you will be easily distracted. An unhealthy trader is definitely not a successful trader.

Trading is a long-term career, not something that can be achieved overnight

Many traders are always in a hurry, hoping to profit this week or this month, as if they are always in a trading competition with others. Of course, due to leverage ratios in trading markets like Forex, short-term profits are possible. However, losses come just as quickly. Why?

A trader shared his story: in two weeks, he turned $8,000 into $20,000. At that point, it's too easy to become overconfident. Once tasting the sweet success, he wanted more. So, he started trading more, investing more in each trade. Under great risk, in just one week, his $20,000 turned into $3,000.

This is an experience most traders can relate to. It's hard to maintain equanimity after significant ups and downs. Once your mindset changes, it will directly affect your trading results.

Trading is a long-term career. Why not set more long-term profit goals? If you hope to profit every month, then each day's trade is just one of many in the month, whether the result is profit or loss doesn't seem so significant then.

What is the most impactful thing to your success?

Overtrading? Investing too much in each trade? Not following a trading strategy? Lacking a trading plan? Lack of confidence? Fear of loss?...

What affects you the most? Identify the biggest issue. It's a psychological challenge, and you need to find the answer and correct it. Be honest with yourself.

Set clear trading goals

Goals are very useful, they can slowly change your life. However, setting goals is not simple. Many people resolve to quit smoking or lose weight but can't sustain their efforts for long. Why? Because they "don't feel" the goal.

Your goals must be meaningful to you, must make you feel the change, and when you achieve a goal, you should feel full of joy. Your trading goals must be measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound, like for a quarter/half a year/1 year etc. Write them down with a pen, and post them where you can see them often. When you can feel the presence of your goals, you will be motivated to achieve them.


It's time for you to make a choice. What do you want to be like in half a year or one year from now? Nobody can help you. What you think and do when trading and managing trades is actually related to the outcome of your trades.

You must also understand that the trading market is full of uncertainties, which is why we need trading strategies and plans. If you can focus on your own trading strategy and adhere to principles, I believe, success is really close to you.

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