Kimura Trading Broker review: regulated


Kimura Trading Broker is a foreign exchange trading platform established in Malta on February 28, 2017. This article will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of Kimura Trading Broker from the dimensions of corporate entities, domain name registration, regulatory licenses, corporate employees, trading software, trading products, etc.

Kimura Trading Broker Overview:

Public information on its official website shows that the company registration number of Kimura Trading Broker's registered entity in Malta, ALB LIMITED, is 79767, and the company's registered address is 48, CASA ROMA, SIR AUGUSTUS BARTOLO STREET, TA XBIEX MALTA.

Domain Registration of Kimura Trading Broker :

According to the information retrieved from Whois, the domain name of Kimura Trading Broker’s official website was registered on March 22, 2018.


Is Kimura Trading Broker legit or a scam? Does Kimura Trading Broker have any regulatory licenses?

The company's information can be found on the official website of the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA). Its official website is approved by the MFSA, and the entity is an investment company authorized by the MFSA and is regulated by the MFSA. The authorization date is March 30, 2017.


Employees of Kimura Trading Broker:

Kimura Trading Broker does not publish information about its corporate employees.


Trading Software Provided by Kimura Trading Broker :

Kimura Trading Broker provides users with Kimura Trading's self-developed trading platform, including web version, desktop version and Android version.


Online Reputation and Client Complaints:

Traderknows found some online public opinions about Kimura Trading Broker on the Internet.

  1. One website advises to be wary of Kimura Financial (which may be related to Kimura Trading). They noted that Kimura Financial is not regulated by top regulators, which is an important concern regarding safety and reliability. The lack of regulation from top financial institutions like the SEC in the US, the FCA in the UK or the ASIC in Australia can be a red flag as it implies lower standards of regulatory compliance and investor protection.
  2. Another website provides a summary of Kimura Trading, stating that it is part of ALB Limited and is regulated in Malta. They mentioned that Kimura Trading offers a range of trading tools and has different types of accounts, including retail and professional client accounts. However, detailed information about trading spreads and commissions is not clearly provided on the official website. Some user reviews gave mixed reviews about their experience with Kimura Trading.


Trading Products Provided by Kimura Trading Broker:

Kimura Trading Broker provides services such as Forex, Stocks, Commodities, Energy, Indices, Cryptocurrencies, Stock CFDs and more.


Contact Information:

Investors can contact Kimura Trading Broker through

  1. phone
  2. email

Website Traffic of Kimura Trading Broker :

Kimura Trading Broker's website traffic is relatively low compared to larger brokers, and generally, lower traffic indicates that the company has fewer users and lacks corporate strength.



Kimura Trading Broker is a broker registered in Malta and regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA). Founded in 2017, it provides a self-developed trading platform, including foreign exchange, stocks, commodities and other trading tools. User feedback also presents mixed views. Its website traffic is low relative to larger brokers, possibly reflecting its limited number of users and lack of corporate strength. Potential users should conduct thorough investigation before use. Kimura Trading Broker is marked as "operating normally" on Traderknows.




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