Boeing's latest scare questions if layoffs, silence can fix quality issues.


Boeing's recent days have been turbulent, from continuous plane crashes to whistleblower revelations pushing the company into the storm's eye. Recently, Boeing faced yet another quality issue.

Last Sunday, US time, a terrifying incident occurred once again with a Boeing airplane. A Boeing 737 800 plane of the Southwest Airlines lost its engine cover and hit the wing flap while en route to Houston. Fortunately, the plane was not significantly affected and ultimately landed safely without any injuries or fatalities.

According to a video taken by a passenger after the incident, as the plane moved on the runway, its metal engine cover peeled off the engine, twisting in the wind like a piece of plastic film. Despite knowing that no one was injured, the sight was still chilling.


This is not the only recent accident involving Boeing. Last week, another Boeing airplane, a Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 800, also encountered a problem when its engine caught fire, forcing the flight to be canceled. Last month, there were a total of six incidents related to Boeing airplanes, but safety experts still claim these accidents are not related to the aircraft itself.

In January of this year, a Boeing 737MAX suddenly exploded mid-air, and part of the fuselage flew off, blowing out passengers' clothes and some luggage. The passengers could only despairingly draft farewell messages, thankfully, the plane landed safely, and there were no casualties. Since then, attention towards Boeing has surged, but Boeing has been trying to shirk responsibility.

In light of the frequent accidents involving Boeing airplanes, several US government entities, especially the military, have shown support by increasing their orders to back Boeing. United Airlines, on the other hand, has not retaliated against Boeing, instead, it demanded a group of pilots to take "unpaid leave," equating to a form of layoff without compensation or allowing resignation.

Boeing whistleblowers have outright stated that Boeing has long suffered from safety issues and crises in production, and that the company’s middle and upper management, knowing the problems existed, only sought to resolve those who raised the issues. Those who did raise concerns were ostracized and ultimately fired, with whistleblowers meeting "suicides" as their end.



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