How is the EXNESS platform? What is its history of development?


Exness holds global titles: first broker with unlimited leverage, fastest deposit-withdrawals, and first to offer RMB accounts globally.

Overview of EXNESS Company
Established in 2008, EXNESS is the world's first broker to offer immediate deposit and withdrawal service as well as unlimited leverage. It is also the first globally to adhere to the ISO automated standards. Distinctively advantaged, EXNESS's trading volume has grown from USD 8 million in 2008 to a behemoth broker handling USD 400 billion a month.

waihuifanyongwang.cn has been collaborating with EXNESS since 2009 and has witnessed its growth and expansion. The first account ID with waihuifanyongwang.cn: 33897, indicating a long-term cooperation.

Currently, EXNESS boasts several global leading positions: the first broker offering unlimited leverage globally, the first with immediate deposit and withdrawal service, and the first global broker to introduce RMB accounts.
EXNESS's rapid growth is attributed to its high leverage, swift deposit and withdrawal services, and exceptionally low trading costs.

Regulatory Licenses and Subsidiaries of EXNESS Group:

  1. EXNESS (CY) LTD, regulated in Cyprus, license number: 178/12
  2. EXNESS LIMITED, (VC), a member of the EXNESS Group, registration number 21927 (IBC 2014).
  3. Exness (UK) Ltd regulated by the UK FCA, license number: 730729

waihuifanyongwang.cn partners with the EXNESS Group, where clients can choose to open accounts in VC

The Strengths and Advantages of EXNESS:

  1. With over a decade in the industry, waihuifanyongwang.cn, as one of the earliest partners, has witnessed EXNESS's growth and development from a business company registered in Russia to obtaining various international regulations including the UK's FCA and Cyprus'. The company has established numerous offices worldwide.

    2. Despite financial challenges such as the LR Financial Group's bankruptcy and the Swiss Franc shock, EXNESS remained steadfast, demonstrating its risk management capability. This resilience has proven why many traders consider Exness a fair broker. Over the past decade, many major events have caused significant currency depreciation, resulting in high slippages and gaps... Most traders lost money during these times. However, only a few brokers compensated their clients, including Exness. In the Swiss Franc incident on January 15, 2015, they compensated over 15 million USD. Additionally, during the DDOS attack in 2016, they also compensated a significant amount.
  2. Regarding trading volume, EXNESS has grown from a monthly trading volume of 1 million USD in 2008 to 400 billion USD, being among the top ten retail foreign exchange brokers globally (excluding the closed Japanese market)

    4. Exness not only offers stable and reliable brokerage services but also a comfortable trading environment. It provides traders with tight spreads starting from 0.1 pip without any hidden commission fees.

    5. Some traders trust Exness because it is financially robust. Exness always holds about 1 billion USD in independent bank accounts, four times more than the total client deposits. This fund is for compensating clients when needed. Moreover, Exness is regulated by CySEC and FCA, giving traders confidence in depositing their funds.

    Market Presence of EXNESS

    Since 2015, Exness has been one of the world's largest retail foreign exchange brokers. According to credible media reports, in late 2015, their total trading volume reached 785 billion USD. Their main competitor is http://Forex.com with a monthly trading volume of 500 billion USD, but only 300 billion USD comes from Forex. The rest is from commodity trading volumes. Thus, Exness's trading volume is more than double that of its main competitor. As of February 2023, it had a total trading volume of 3.05 trillion USD and 440,151 active customers. The total withdrawal amount in the fourth quarter of 2022 was 1.13 billion USD. This shows how many traders choose Exness. The largest forex brokers should be the most prestigious because most traders choose them. Why not choose them? If you want to know more about Exness's reputation, just ask trader friends around you. Most of them trade there. Moreover, Exness is the most transparent broker. You can find all information about this broker on their website, such as trading volumes, number of active customers, client deposits, or company funds... No other broker can compete with Exness in terms of transparency. Transparency is important because you can check the broker's financial health to ensure your trading is secure. If they find any market rule violations in your account, they will close the account. This shows Exness's commitment to security.

Is the Exness Forex Platform Legitimate and Reliable?

Exness is supervised by various financial institutions, has a well-established operation system, and attracts more professionals to join. Countries like Cyprus, Italy, and the UK have financial institutions ensuring the smooth operation of the platform. As the institutions continue to develop, the Exness platform can reach monthly trading volumes of hundreds of billions of dollars and daily user activity in the tens of millions.

The Exness Group fully segregates client funds from the company's operational funds, depositing them in independent bank accounts. Additionally, the company has initiated a negative balance protection program.

Exness Trading Platform

Exness employs leading trading platforms in the global trading market, including MT4, MT5, and a web terminal. Traders can develop and implement trading strategies of varying complexity through MetaTrader 4, and submit most types of trading orders through instant execution and market execution modes. Furthermore, financial market analysis and trading operations are fully automated. The advantages of MT5 include a development editing interface that can be launched directly from the terminal, automatically displaying new programs in MT5; the new language addresses some of MQL4's limitations, adding more functions and graphical objects. The company has chosen MT5's hedging mode system, under which traders can open multiple positions for the same trading instrument, including completely opposite positions. In addition, users can also access the web versions of MT4 & MT5 on the company's official website.

Final Summary:
Exness combines various advantages into one: immediate deposit and withdrawal, unlimited leverage, and unrestricted trading. It boasts significant trading volume and a considerable number of clients with relatively low trading costs. It can be said that Exness is a commendable broker. waihuifanyongwang.cn and Exness have cooperated for ten years, and overall, the platform is above average and of high quality. However, the broker still has some shortcomings. Therefore, selection should be based on individual circumstances. For clients with big capital, we still recommend choosing brokers in countries with deposit insurance, such as the UK or Switzerland, where funds are absolutely safe.

Risk Warning and Disclaimer

The market carries risks, and investment should be cautious. This article does not constitute personal investment advice and has not taken into account individual users' specific investment goals, financial situations, or needs. Users should consider whether any opinions, viewpoints, or conclusions in this article are suitable for their particular circumstances. Investing based on this is at one's own responsibility.

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