Market Insights: Dec 18th, 2023


Today's market insight relates to finance, international finance, markets, and investment.


  1. A-Share Shipping Sector Rise: The A-share shipping sector opened leading the gains, amid increasing global shipping congestion.
  2. Hong Kong Stocks Rise and Fall: Hong Kong stock EAST BUY rose over 15%, while SenseTime Technology fell more than 14%.
  3. China Real Estate Adjustment: Guo Lei from GF Securities states China's real estate adjustment is nearing its end, predicting a 5% GDP growth next year under three conditions.
  4. Yunwei Shares Price Fluctuation: Yunwei Shares' stock price hit the daily limit, with transactions exceeding 400 million yuan, experiencing a so-called "sky-ground board," with a drop at the opening.

International Finance:

  • Bank of Japan Might Act: The Bank of Japan might again take unexpected market actions.
  • China Government Bond Issuance: China's central finance increased the issuance of 1 trillion yuan in government bonds, with the first batch of 237.9 billion yuan in bond funds allocated.
  • U.S. Interest Rate Cut Forecast: CICC believes the U.S. fundamentals do not support an early rate cut, but the Federal Reserve might implement a "precautionary" cut.

Market and Investment:

  • Bond Market: The main source of long-term income in the bond market is coupon income.
  • Beijing Stock Exchange Market Valuation Reassessment: The main thread in the Beijing Stock Exchange's market value reassessment is in low market value companies, with 3 billion yuan as a significant demarcation.
  • Residential Leverage Cycle: Guotai Junan's macro team believes a comprehensive residential leverage cycle will start after the second half of 2024.

Technology and Business:

  • Illumina and Grail Antitrust Battle: Illumina announces separation from Grail, involving antitrust battles in the U.S. and Europe.
  • Citigroup in China's Securities Business: Citigroup plans to establish a wholly-owned securities business in China, delaying the implementation plan.
  • Chinese Companies Assemble Chips in Malaysia: An increasing number of Chinese semiconductor design companies choose to assemble products in Malaysia.
  • Reduction in Business Travel Carbon Emissions: Nearly half of global companies have reduced business travel carbon emissions by at least 50%.

Retail and Lifestyle:

  • Hong Kong Luxury Retail: Hong Kong luxury retailers adapt to fewer Chinese tourists, shifting focus to attract tourists from other regions.
  • Greek Economic Growth: Greece passes the 2024 budget, with economic growth expected to rise to 2.9%.

Environment and Energy:

  • Musk's View on Oil and Gas: Tesla CEO Elon Musk states that reducing carbon emissions is important in the long run, but oil and gas should not be demonized in the short term.

Corporate News:

  • SenseTime Founder's Death: SenseTime's founder passes away due to illness, causing the company's stock price to hit a record low since listing.
  • EAST BUY's Executive Changes: EAST BUY to initiate major adjustments, involving salary changes of broadcasters like Dong Yuhui, with CEO Sun Dongxu being dismissed.


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