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Swiss Listed Bank - Swissquote

Swissquote Account Opening Manual

Business Prospects:

Over 10 million people per year need to handle overseas bank accounts

Including high-net-worth individuals, entrepreneurs, foreign trade managers, overseas securities trading clients, overseas insurance clients, students studying abroad, and their families, etc.

Overseas bank account application fees and conditions:

  1. Most overseas banks require clients to be present at the bank counter for face-to-face signing, many need to go to Hong Kong, clients need to bear the round-trip plane tickets and spend a lot of time
  2. Most overseas bank account applications tend to take 1-3 months, the cycle is long, the efficiency is low, and it delays things
  3. European and American bank personal account applications are very difficult and few companies have the ability to act as an agent
  4. Banks have very strict requirements on applicants, generally requiring residency rights, green cards, high deposit requirements, purchase of insurance or financial products
  5. Some intermediaries can charge for handling bank accounts, the fees range from 5,000 to 30,000 yuan.

Advantages of Overseas Bank Accounts

Free capital transfer, not subject to foreign exchange control

Global asset allocation, convenient for purchasing real estate, convenient for investing in overseas financial products

Free exchange and allocation of multiple currencies, avoiding the risk of a single currency

Convenient for purchasing overseas insurance, convenient for overseas consumption, convenient for paying study abroad expenses

Our Business Advantages

  1. The account opened is a Swiss listed bank account, with the highest safety and confidentiality in the world
  2. Fast processing! Obtain and use the account within 1 week
  3. Low cost! No need for face-to-face signing, no need to purchase financial products or insurance
  4. Unlimited transfer amount! Say goodbye to the transfer limit of local banks in Hong Kong, truly holding the privileges of a Swiss bank account
  5. Internationally universal! Can receive and transfer to any region in the world, any account
  6. Low account usage fees, no annual fee, transfer fees are only 10 US dollars per transaction

Introduction to Swiss Swissquote

Swiss Swissquote is a Swiss listed bank, Switzerland's leading online bank, listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange on May 29, 2000 (code SQN), headquartered in Gland (VD), with offices in Zurich, Bern, Luxembourg, Dubai, Singapore, Malta, and London.

Swissquote 's customer assets exceed 40 billion Swiss francs, equivalent to 300 billion yuan

Swissquote has been listed for 25 years and has been an important stock on the Swiss Exchange

Swissquote 's Tier 1 capital ratio is 29% (an important indicator for evaluating bank grades)

Far exceeding some well-known big banks, surpassing Morgan Stanley, HSBC, Citibank, Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, UBS Bank, Barclays Bank, and so on

Swissquote 's Tier 1 capital ratio is 29%


Nine Advantages of Swissquote


Swissquote Advantages (Promotional Points):

  1. Swissquote is a listed bank, supports global transfers, not subject to foreign exchange controls
  2. No management fees, transfer costs 10 USD per transaction
  3. Swissquote account can be used for global asset allocation and can invest in stocks, funds, bonds, foreign exchange, gold, crude oil, options and other financial investments
  4. Can apply for a bank card, supports withdrawal of local currency from 2 million ATMs worldwide
  5. Online banking, mobile banking are all operational
  6. Swiss banking secrecy laws provide the maximum protection for your private property
  7. Bank account funds can be freely disposed of, purchase real estate, pay insurance premiums, bind overseas stocks and futures accounts
  8. No need for face-to-face signing, easy and fast account opening! Account down in one week
  9. The bank account supports multiple currencies, and you can also apply for multiple bank sub-accounts

Now our company can assist clients in applying for [Swiss Swissquote Accounts]


Targeting Potential Clients

  1. Other overseas bank account opening agents
  2. Study abroad intermediary companies
  3. Foreign trade companies, cross-border e-commerce, and other practitioners with foreign currency business transactions
  4. Overseas real estate investment agents (practitioners in the overseas real estate sector of Chain Home have customers)
  5. Hong Kong and US stock investment clients and securities client managers
  6. Directly search for overseas bank account opening videos on short video apps, find clients in the comments section
  7. Through Zhihu, Toutiao, Baidu, QQ groups, etc., post articles related to overseas bank accounts to guide clients


Q&A about Opening an Account with Swissquote :

Account Opening Process

  1. Submit documents to the bank in Switzerland, taking 1 day

To apply for a Swiss bank account, you need to prepare the following materials:

  1. Photo of your ID card.

Scanned copy of the front and back of the ID card (can be taken with a mobile phone), requiring clarity, you can indicate on the ID card: "For the application of a Swiss bank account only";

  1. Your personal email address (domestic mainstream emails are acceptable);
  2. Your domestic commonly used phone number
  3. Paper authorization document for handling bank accounts.

Write down the authorization text on a piece of white paper, including your name (in your usual handwriting), take a photo and send it to us



[Occupational information] must fill in specific company information, for those who are unemployed or do not want to fill in real work information, we can say: If you really can't provide work information, you can write the company information where you have worked before, or your family member's work information.

[Position] must fill in a specific position, cannot be a vague position.

[Handwritten signature] must be the customer's daily signature habit of handwriting. It is best to be written in regular script

  1. Record an authorization video, holding the front photo of the ID card, and say a sentence,

Content as follows:

"I, XXX (name), authorize to handle the matters related to opening an account with Swissquote , and the information provided is true and reliable"

Send us the above documents in a folder format

Chinese customers opening a bank account in Switzerland, Swiss banks require customers to provide a recognized [Identity Authentication Document]. In China, the institutions with the right to issue this document are the notary office, police station, and Swiss-certified Chinese lawyer. Currently, our clients all use a [Swiss-certified Chinese lawyer] to issue the [Identity Authentication Document], so you need to provide the 4th and 5th documents above to authorize the lawyer to handle it.

The above needs to have the lawyer's license number and seal

  1. Swiss bank processes your account application, taking 3-5 working days

During the process of the Swiss bank handling your account application, you will receive the following information

  1. Your email will receive the Swiss bank's online banking account number
  2. Your email will receive the initial password for the Swiss bank's online banking
  3. Your email will receive an email with information about the Swiss bank account

Example of the Swiss online banking account email sent


The email sent by Switzerland for online banking login password


The email sent by Switzerland with bank account information


Once you receive the above three emails, it means your bank account has been successfully opened

You can log into online banking after activating the account with a deposit, then you can log into online banking

  1. Deposit a minimum of 3000 US dollars to activate your Swiss bank account

A Swiss bank account needs a deposit to activate before it can be used, the first deposit minimum is 3000 US dollars, and thereafter there is no minimum deposit requirement

  1. Ways to remit money to a Swiss bank account

You can remit from a domestic bank account to a Swiss bank account. First, you need to purchase foreign exchange through your domestic bank account's mobile banking or online banking, then remit to your own account opened in Switzerland.

Alternatively, you can also remit to your Swiss bank account from other overseas banks.

Similarly, Swissquote accounts also support internal transfers in Switzerland, with no fees

Remeiing from a domestic bank to Switzerland, the funds generally arrive within 1 day (as there is a 6-hour time difference with Switzerland, sometimes it takes 2 days to arrive)

Remeiing from other regions, it generally arrives on the same day (Hong Kong, Singapore, Europe, North America, Australia)

  1. Activate electronic banking (online banking) after the funds arrive

Online banking login address:https://trade.swissquote.ch/my.policy

Once you make your first remittance to Switzerland, you can log into online banking to activate your electronic bank account

You will need to use your online banking login number and login password (received in the email during the account application)

When logging into online banking for the first time, you also need to [download a three-level password card] (equivalent to a password list similar to the function of a U shield in China), and you also need to change your login password.

See screenshots and videos for this operation process

  1. Which countries' clients can open Swissquote accounts

Swissquote 's clients are spread across more than 180 countries worldwide, currently, the countries for which we can act to open bank accounts include: mainland clients, Taiwan, Macau, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia, major European countries

  1. Special requirements for clients outside of China to open bank accounts

[Authorization signature document]

The authorization proof signature page submitted by the client can be in other languages, the final signature can be in the client's usual signature habit, it can be in English or a special shorthand

[Authorization video]

The authorization video submitted by the client only needs to be recorded by the person holding the opening account document, it should be clear, able to see that it is indeed the client. There is no special language requirement, it is best to be in English, if not, it can be in the client's local language

[Identity documents]

Mainly the ID card, that is, the valid identity proof document issued by the local government, the requirement is that the document is within its validity period. If the ID card is not feasible, you can consider applying with a passport, just that passport opening requires an additional video process with Swiss staff.

  1. Introduction to Swiss Swissquote

Swiss Swissquote is a Swiss listed bank, Switzerland's leading online bank, listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange on May 29, 2000 (code SQN), headquartered in Gland (VD), with offices in Zurich, Luxembourg, Bern, Dubai, Singapore, Malta, and London.

  1. Swiss Swissquote is regulated by Swiss banking regulatory authorities

Swiss Swissquote is regulated by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA), which regulates all banks/securities companies/fund companies operating in Switzerland

  1. Special protection for Swiss Swissquote accounts

The Swiss government provides protection for everyone who has a bank account in Switzerland, Swiss bank accounts have a deposit protection of 100,000 Swiss francs, regardless of nationality, each account has a protection of 100,000 Swiss francs

Moreover, the security and confidentiality of the Swiss banking industryare recognized worldwide, making it the best choice

  1. Minimum deposit requirement for Swiss Swissquote

Swiss Swissquote accounts are required to maintain a minimum deposit of 3000 US dollars, a common requirement among most overseas banks

  1. What does the Swiss Swissquote account we apply for you include

The Swissquote account we assist you in applying for includes the bank account's IBAN (IBAN stands for International Bank Account Number, the unified name for international bank accounts in the European region), electronic banking (i.e., online banking, which can be used to transfer money to any country).

Swissquote can also apply for a bank card, requiring a minimum of 3000 US dollars in your account and the account has been opened for 1 month (the bank card can withdraw cash from any ATM worldwide)

  1. Related to deposits and withdrawals for Swiss Swissquote

Swiss Swissquote account can receive remittances from any region, any person to you; at the same time, you can also transfer money from your Swissquote account to any region, any person

Single transfer amount is unlimited, tested single 4 million yuan transfer no problem

Transfer time required is no different from other banks, generally remittance to domestic 1-2 days, remittance to other regions within 1 day

  1. Account opening fees for Swiss Swissquote

Current activity allows each salesperson to have 3 clients open accounts for free every month.

Clients who open accounts for free need to first advance 650 yuan for the working capital fee, including lawyer certification fees and courier fees. After clients activate their accounts with a deposit, we will transfer 100 US dollars to the client's Swiss account, offsetting the fees paid by the client.

The normal account opening fee is 2000 yuan.

  1. Why does Swissquote only have an electronic bank account and no bank card, what's the relationship between an electronic bank account and a bank card

Firstly, Swissquote has bank cards, you can apply, but you need to activate the electronic account first and after one month, you can apply for a bank card, which will be sent to you by international courier.

Secondly, the bank account we handle for you mainly refers to the electronic bank, which can be used for deposits, withdrawals, and transfers

After you apply for your Swissquote account, you can see your electronic bank account in your online banking, and there is also an option to apply for a bank card in the online banking, both the account and card are under your name, and your online banking will also show the total amount of funds in all accounts and cards under your name.

The Swissquote electronic account and your bank card are parallel, the bank account number of the electronic account and the bank card number are two different accounts, not the same account

Funds in the electronic account can be transferred to the bank card, but funds in the bank card cannot be transferred back to the bank electronic account, this is Swiss regulation.

10.How to apply for a bank card, why does applying for a bank card have courier fees

One month after the electronic bank account application, you can apply for a Swissquote card through Swissquote online banking

Please see [Bank Card Application Process] for the specific application process

After applying for a bank card, Switzerland will mail the card to the client through international courier, a total of two couriers, one is the bank card courier, and one is the bank card password courier. Swissquote charges 50 US dollars for the two courier fees, the card itself does not charge a fee

  1. Can Swissquote cards be used domestically

Swissquote cards can be used worldwide, supporting three modes of use

One is that you can directly withdraw cash from more than 2 million ATMs worldwide, withdrawing local currency

Two is supporting POS machine consumption

Three is via online shopping (mainly used for overseas expenses, directly entering account number and card back password)

The bank card is mainly used for consumption and payment of expenses, and cannot be used for transfers

  1. Can Swissquote cards transfer

The transfer function of Swissquote is realized in the bank's electronic account (online banking), supporting transfers to any region worldwide, so your transfer needs can be directly realized through the electronic account.

The bank card cannot transfer directly, this is Swiss regulation.

  1. Where can Swissquote cards withdraw money domestically, why are there fees for withdrawals

Swissquote cards can withdraw cash at more than 2 million ATMs worldwide

There will be fees for cash withdrawals, a minimum of 5 USD per transaction, because this belongs to cross-border cash withdrawals, and our domestic bank cards will also have cross-border cash withdrawal fees if used abroad, if you are overseas, it is more cost-effective to directly swipe the card

  1. What fees are involved in using Swissquote accounts

Swissquote has relatively simple requirements for bank accounts, as it is an investment bank, only requiring that the customer's account must remain active, you can bind smart advisory or buy some stocks, funds, gold, crude oil, options, etc.

Swissquote charges 10 USD per month for inactive accounts, and will close the account if it remains inactive for a long time

  1. Swiss bank account confidentiality is the highest

Comparison of opening an account with Swissquote and other banks


Concerns and Questions from Clients

1.Where is your company

We are in Beijing, at the headquarters base on the South Fourth Ring. Actually, our location is not important because we just act on behalf of clients to handle the procedures for opening bank accounts. We summarize the materials and submit them to the bank. After the bank receives the materials, all bank-related information will be sent directly to the client's contact information left with us, so you can be completely assured about security issues

2.Do you have the right to open bank accounts

Currently, the requirements for opening overseas bank accounts are very strict, and many domestic clients are unable to apply for bank accounts, so professional agents are needed to liaise with overseas banks to open bank accounts for clients.

Therefore, there are practitioners like us to open overseas bank accounts for clients.

This type of business only needs us to reach cooperation with overseas banks

And our lawyer team will certify your documents, so that Swiss bank accounts can be opened.

3.Are you going to scam me, how can you prove you're not scammers

Firstly, we will definitely not scam you, we just provide a service for clients who need to open overseas bank accounts.

You also understand some of the requirements and processes for opening overseas bank accounts, and typically, agents have to handle it for successfully opening because it requires many proofs or going to the location for face-to-face signing.

Secondly, in the process of acting, we only charge an agency fee, and if it cannot be opened, we will refund the full amount.

Opening a bank account cannot scam people, once opened successfully, you will receive bank account-related information sent by Switzerland. This cannot be faked.

4.Swiss banks are so high-end, how can you handle account opening

It is indeed difficult to open a Swiss bank account, it seems you also understand some situations about overseas bank accounts. Exactly for this reason, it's a very good thing for you that we can open it for you

No need for face-to-face signing to open an account in Switzerland, it requires the client to provide a Swiss-recognized [Identity Authentication Document]. Our lawyer is a Swiss-authorized certification attorney, so we can provide this proof and act on your behalf to handle the opening of a Swiss bank account. We have already acted on behalf of hundreds of account openings, so you don't need to worry.

5.Do you have an authorization document for acting as a bank account

In the industry of opening bank accounts, there is no formal bank authorization document, because this business cannot be authorized in this way. It's just that we can assist domestic clients to provide the identity proof materials required by overseas banks, understand all the processes of overseas bank account opening, so we can assist clients in opening overseas bank accounts.

And your question mainly concerns safety issues, you can be completely assured about this.

We just assist you in submitting materials, all bank-related information, the bank will send directly to you, and we just earn an agency fee, a running fee

6.What is your relationship with Swissquote , are you their employees

We have a cooperative relationship with Swissquote , not its employees in China, currently, Swissquote does not have a branch in China. As the requirements for opening overseas bank accounts are very high, we can assist clients in submitting the account opening procedures, applying for bank accounts

7.Is your business legal

8.What if I pay you and you scam me

9.Why do you charge for opening a bank account, bank accounts don’t charge fees

10.Does the Swissquote account have a bank card, why don't you have a bank card when opening an account

11.Why don't you need face-to-face/signing by video, you can still open an account

12.Why is your fee so low

13.Why is your account opening process so simple

14.You say the Swissquote account requires us to stay active, what does that mean

15.Can your bank card be used for consumption, paying tuition fees, buying houses, investing

16.I'm worried about the risk of information leakage if I entrust you to act for me


Risk Warning and Disclaimer

The market carries risks, and investment should be cautious. This article does not constitute personal investment advice and has not taken into account individual users' specific investment goals, financial situations, or needs. Users should consider whether any opinions, viewpoints, or conclusions in this article are suitable for their particular circumstances. Investing based on this is at one's own responsibility.

The End



A bank is a financial institution that provides various financial services, including accepting deposits, granting loans, payment and settlement, offering investment and wealth management products, foreign exchange transactions, and funds management.


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