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EC Markets, a top global forex broker, adheres to three major financial regulations and is a permanent member of the London Stock Exchange, dedicated to providing exceptional trading environments through continuous fintech innovation.

In today's globalized financial ecosystem, foreign exchange trading plays a crucial role as an integral part of international trade and investment. However, traditional foreign exchange trading methods face a series of challenges, including high costs, low efficiency, and asymmetry of information. However, with the rapid development of financial technology, FinTech + foreign exchange trading is entering a new era of empowerment.

Financial technology has brought significant opportunities and changes to foreign exchange trading. By introducing intelligent algorithms, machine learning, and blockchain technology, foreign exchange trading has become more efficient, safer, and more transparent.

Ec Markets, as one of the world's leading forex brokers, boasts authoritative financial regulation by the world's three major financial bodies and has become a permanent member of the London Stock Exchange. It is committed to providing global investors with the ultimate trading environment, continuously exploring and innovating in the FinTech + forex field.

The Ec Markets technical team has developed the M.A.T Multilateral Aggregated Transactions system, which cleverly aggregates multi-lateral quotes from major banks and top-tier liquidity providers by combining artificial intelligence, big data analysis, and deep learning technologies. By integrating with the exchange trading system, this ensures clients have the lowest trading costs and more efficient order execution capabilities.

The M.A.T Multilateral Aggregated Transactions system includes functionalities for aggregating multiple quotes and real-time settlement, providing customers with a new low-spread trading quote, ensuring customers can secure the most advantageous transaction prices. Controlling trading costs is crucial in foreign exchange trading.

What constitutes foreign exchange trading costs?

The key trading cost in foreign exchange trading is the spread, i.e., the difference between the buying and selling prices offered by forex traders. Forex trading spreads can be fixed or fluctuating, and currently, the type of forex trading account, like the ECN account, can offer investors excellent trade execution and favorable spreads.

How does the M.A.T Multilateral Aggregated Transactions system control transaction costs?

The core of the M.A.T Multilateral Aggregated Transactions system is summarized in five points:

1, Filtering: Filtering various LPs' quotes and ranking them by market depth after quoting to ensure customer orders are filled swiftly at advantageous market prices;

2, Reorganizing: Reorganizing different LPs' advantageous prices for buying and selling, which leads to lower trading spread after reorganization;

3, Aggregating: Aggregating LP quotes to customers at millisecond speed through the platform's proprietary auctioneer;

4, Matching: Matching most orders with a stable “matchmaking exchange model,” ensuring customer orders are confirmed quickly while reducing the platform's exposure to open orders;

5, Execution: Splitting open orders from customers and tossing them towards different LPs based on market depth and advantage, ensuring complete market executions at advantageous prices.

Second, top-tier liquidity provision

Without liquidity, there would be no trading. For an online forex broker, the ability to offer the best quotes is one of its core competitive strengths in the financial derivatives market. Ec Markets' quotes are sourced from more than twenty major investment banks and top-tier liquidity providers, including UBS, Deutsche Borse, NOMURA, RBS, SHARADA, Euronext, and STATESTREET. It matches customer transaction prices and volumes in real-time and disperses open contracts to different clearers, ensuring customers can secure advantageous prices.

Next, let's understand the principle of multi-lateral aggregated quoting. Since liquidity providers are connected to different main quoting banks, quotes for the same currency or commodity from different banks and different futures market contracts also vary. The M.A.T Multilateral Aggregated Transactions system aggregates prices from different liquidity providers, enabling Ec Markets to offer significantly lower actual spreads than single liquidity providers.

With this, you should have a decent understanding of the M.A.T Multilateral Aggregated Transactions system. To provide clearer insight, the following image illustrates the working model of the M.A.T system, detailing its operational path.

The continuous emergence of financial innovation technologies and models is extremely important in the financial technology field, where having cutting-edge technology and innovation capabilities is crucial. Ec Markets delves from financial technology theory to application, iteratively upgrading to enhance more core financial functions. By continuously exploring and innovating trading and solutions, the launch of the M.A.T Multilateral Aggregated Transactions system achieves direct order access to LPs, straight through processing to international markets, providing optimal trading speeds and prices. This effort will help enhance the trading experience for Ec Markets' global customer base through financial technology innovation, driving global business growth. With more convenient modes, more stable operating systems, and more precise risk control, traders can better control costs, reduce trading expenses, and maintain Ec Markets' strong competitive position in the fast-paced financial technology market.

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Foreign Exchange Trading

Foreign exchange trading is a financial trading activity that seeks profit through the exchange rate differences between different countries' currencies. It is characterized by globalization, high liquidity, and leveraged trading. Participants include central banks, commercial banks, investment institutions, enterprises, and individual investors. However, it also involves potential risks such as market fluctuations and leverage risks.


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