EXNESS Rebate Details


EXNESS was established in 2008, and the Forex Rebate Network has been in partnership with EXNESS since 2010, with the first agency account opened on May 7, 2010.

Exness Rebate Standards

EXNESS was established in 2008. Forex Rebate Network has been cooperating with EXNESS since 2010, with the first agency account opened on May 7, 2010.

The highest rebate in the network: We promise the highest rebates and welcome comparisons. If you have any questions, feel free to consult us at any time!

EXNESS Forex Rebate Standard Ratio:

High Ratio Rebate, contact customer service QQ: 1260414413

VX: whfyw01


Table Explanation:

Both Standard and Standard Cent accounts offer a rebate of 40% of the spread. For high volume, contact us to receive a big bonus package. Rebates are returned daily.

For Micro and Standard Accounts, commission amount = commission ratio x spread represented in points x cost per point

For pro accounts: Without suffix: Commission = Lot Size x Spread x 23%, for accounts with “m” “c” suffix rebate = Lot Size x Spread x 40%

For Futures and CFDs: Commission amount = 0.2 x Lot Size x Contract Commission

Rebate reduced for margin calls or bonus-involved trades

Rebate calculation for mini accounts: Profit Calculation (40%) * Profit Amount Spread * Pip Price * Capital Utilization Ratio = Rebate Amount

Rebate Settlement Method: Daily Rebate

EXNESS rebates are settled daily, by default into your MT4 trading account.

If you wish to receive rebates through WeChat Pay or Alipay, choose the wallet as the settlement method. Rebates are settled daily: as long as your backend commission exceeds 20 USD, we will process the withdrawal within half an hour and pay it into your designated WeChat or Alipay account. You can check the rebate details and payment details through the rebate network's backend.

Viewing Rebate Details:

Rebate Explanation: We are EXNESS's top-tier official agent. Currently, the platform rebates us 40% of the spread. Taking EUR/USD as an example, which has a floating spread, if the spread at the time is 10, the official will rebate us 4 USD per lot, and the rebate site will directly rebate 4 USD per lot to the client, which is a 100% rebate.

Rebate Appendix Table: Comparison between Zero Spread Account and Raw Spread Account rebates and detailed rebate information


For detailed rebate information on EXNESS Raw and Zero Spread accounts, please click:Raw-Zero Rebate

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