Market Insights: Mar 20th, 2024


The LPR rates for March have been announced, with both the 1-year and 5-year LPRs remaining unchanged; the performance of industry sectors in the A-share market varied.

Monetary Policy and Interest Rate Changes:

  • The latest LPR (Loan Prime Rate) announced by the People's Bank of China shows that the one-year LPR remains unchanged at 3.45%, and the LPR for terms of over five years also remains at 3.95% unchanged.

Economic Risks and Interest Rate Outlook:

  • Timiraos notes that although Federal Reserve officials will not prioritize this issue in this week's meeting, it may drive their thinking for the rest of the year, potentially leading to a rate cut at some point. However, if the pace of rate cuts is too slow, weak demand and employment may not avoid a hard landing, making March's CPI data crucial.

Financial Market Trends:

  • Crude oil has hit a new high for the first time in over four months for two consecutive days, while gold prices have fallen, with futures closing at a new low for nearly two weeks. London tin fell more than 4%, ending four consecutive days of gains, and London copper fell more than 1%, breaking below $9,000, ending a year-long high.
  • The A-share market as a whole showed volatile adjustments, with the Growth Enterprise Market declining, while cyclical stocks moved contrary to the trend. At the same time, U.S.-listed Chinese stocks overall moved lower, with the offshore RMB exchange rate falling below 7.21, hitting a new low for nearly two weeks.

Technology Industry Dynamics:

  • The Novo Nordisk Foundation collaborates with NVIDIA to build an AI supercomputer named Gefion in Denmark, aimed at discovering new medicines and treatments, available for researchers in Denmark's public and private sectors.
  • NVIDIA's stock price fell nearly 4% in early trading, but then rebounded to close with a gain of over 1%. Meanwhile, AMD's stock price plummeted by 7% during the day, drawing market attention. Some analysts believe that AMD's stock price drop may be related to factors such as the cooling AI infrastructure boom and stagnant PC sales.

Industry Segment Trends:

  • The performance of various industry segments in the A-share market varies. Sectors such as genetically modified, SPD concept, low-altitude economy, construction machinery, and whole vehicle manufacturing are among the top gainers, while automobile dismantling, multimodal AI, small metals, energy metals, precious metals, new industrialization, and Sora concept are among the top losers.

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