New Vlado scam method! Regulatory info on English and Chinese websites contradicts.


It was found that the claims that Vlado is authorized and regulated by the Canadian MSB, Australian ASIC, and Dubai DFSA were inaccurate.

Company Name: Vlado

Full Name: Vlado Limited

Establishment Year: 2021

Registered Country: United Kingdom

Headquarters: Dubai

Regulation: Unregulated

Official Website: https://www.vladobrokers.com/

Domain: vladobrokers.com

Domain Registration Date: 2021-8-31

Trading Instruments: Forex, Precious Metals, Contracts for Difference (CFDs)

Margin Ratio: Up to 1:500

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods: Cryptocurrency, Electronic Bank Transfer, Payment Wallets including Neteller, Skrill, Webmoney, among others

Deposit and Withdrawal Timing: The official website does not provide specific deposit and withdrawal times

Trading Software: MetaQuotes4 (MT4) Trading Platform, including Web version, PC version (Windows/macOS), Mobile version (iOS/Android)

Website Languages: English, Simplified Chinese, Arabic, Persian

Account Types: Demo Account, Personal Live Account (Standard/Zero), Corporate Live Account (Standard/Zero)

Registration Page Languages: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Malay

Trading Interface Languages: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, German, French, etc.

Account Registration: Demo Account, Live Account

Contact Information: support@vladolimited.com, +971 4 5582 174

Introduction to Vlado

Vlado is an online trading broker that was registered in the UK in 2021 and has its operational office in Dubai. Despite the company's official website providing detailed information on trading markets, platforms, account types, deposit and withdrawal methods, and partner cooperation, it does not provide specific information on trading instruments and deposit and withdrawal timings which investors care about.

Vlado Limited's official website shows that it is authorized and regulated by the Canadian Money Services Business (MSB), Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), and Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA). However, searches for the company's information with MSB, ASIC, DFSA yielded no results.

Regulatory Information 1

Regulatory Information 2

How to Register and Login to Vlado?

By clicking on the real or demo account on the website's main page and filling out the required information, you can complete the registration for a live or demo account. It's important to note that real accounts are divided into personal and corporate accounts, both of which come in Standard and Zero types.

Registration and Login 1

Registration and Login 2

Can Registration and Login be Done in Chinese?

Vlado's registration page supports Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, and Malay. The login page supports Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Malay, and Japanese.

Registration Page Languages

Login Page Languages 2

How to Change the Trading Account Password?

Vlado offers the MetaQuotes4 (MT4) trading platform, through which investors can change their trading account passwords via the PC version. The process involves opening the Vlado MT4 software, clicking the "Display" button in the top left corner, selecting "Navigator", clicking on the account name under "Navigator", selecting "Change Password", and then entering the old and new passwords as per the instructions. Note that there are options to change the main password and the read-only password separately.

Change Password

What are the Account Types Offered by Vlado?

Vlado's trading accounts are categorized into two main types: individual and corporate accounts, each available in Standard and Zero variants.

Account Types

The Difference Between Standard and Zero Accounts

There are noticeable differences between Standard and Zero accounts in aspects such as spreads, stop-loss orders, minimum deposit, and commissions. Investors registering an account should carefully check that they have selected the correct type.

Account Differences

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods in Vlado

Vlado offers various deposit and withdrawal channels, including electronic bank transfers and payment wallets such as Neteller, Skrill, and Webmoney.

Deposit and Withdrawal

Vlado's Trading Platform

Vlado provides the MetaQuotes4 (MT4) trading platform, including a web version, a PC version (Windows/macOS), and a mobile version (iOS/Android).

Trading Platform

Which Phone Models and Platforms are Supported by Vlado's Trading Software?

Vlado's website only provides web version login links, PC version, and mobile version download channels, and does not specify supported models. However, it's noted that the Android platform version may not be downloadable or may download slowly in some regions.

Vlado's Trading Instruments

Vlado's website only indicates that it provides brokerage services for the forex, precious metals, and contract for difference (CFD) markets, without listing specific trading instruments.

Vlado's Trading Costs

Vlado's official website does not provide information on spreads, commissions, and other trading costs associated with forex, precious metals, and CFD markets.

Vlado's Risk Warning Ratio

Vlado's official website does not provide explicit risk warning ratio information.

Other Related Services Offered by Vlado

Aside from offering brokerage services for individuals or corporations in forex, precious metals, and CFD markets, Vlado also provides Introducing Broker (IB), white label, and team partnership services.

Other Services

Advantages and Disadvantages of Vlado


  1. Multilingual Support: Vlado's official website and registration page support Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, and other languages.
  2. Trading Software: Vlado offers the mainstream MetaQuotes4 (MT4) trading platform, including web, PC (Windows/macOS), and mobile (iOS/Android) versions.


  1. Short Establishment Time: Vlado was established in 2021.
  2. Trading Costs: Vlado's website does not provide information on spreads and other trading costs for various trading instruments.
  3. Trading Instruments: Vlado's website does not provide clear information on trading products.
  4. Regulatory Information: The regulatory information shown on Vlado's website, upon verification, does not match the facts, and the English version of the website does not display the regulatory information shown on the Chinese version.

Is Vlado a Scam Company?

The regulatory information displayed on Vlado's official website for Canadian Money Services Business (MSB), Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA) does not match the facts upon verification. Additionally, Vlado's website's English version does not display the above regulatory information. Based on this, Vlado poses a serious fraud risk.

Fraud Risk

Vlado Risk Warning

Trading derivatives involves certain risks and is not suitable for all investors. If you are a professional client, losses can exceed initial investments. Therefore, before acting on advice, investors should consider their objectives, financial situation, and risk tolerance comprehensively.


Although Vlado provides multilingual support and relatively user-friendly individual and corporate account types, it does not offer specific information on trading instruments, trading spreads, or risk warning ratios. More crucially, the regulatory information claimed by Vlado's website does not match facts, and the English version does not display any of the regulatory information shown on the Chinese version. Therefore, Vlado poses a serious risk of fraud, and investors should be cautious in choosing this broker's services to avoid falling into a scam trap.

Risk Warning and Disclaimer

The market carries risks, and investment should be cautious. This article does not constitute personal investment advice and has not taken into account individual users' specific investment goals, financial situations, or needs. Users should consider whether any opinions, viewpoints, or conclusions in this article are suitable for their particular circumstances. Investing based on this is at one's own responsibility.

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Ponzi Scheme

Ponzi scheme is a type of financial fraud model that promises high returns and pays early investors with the funds from new investors, ultimately leading to losses for the majority.


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