Murphy's Law in Trading


The existence of Murphy's Law teaches us: when our trades lack protective stop-losses due to negligence, or when we establish positions beyond our capacity due to carelessness, these trades often result in significant losses for us.

First, let's talk about the so-called Murphy's Law.

It states: When something can go wrong, it often will go wrong. To illustrate, if a slice of bread coated with jam slips from your hand and falls on a new carpet, chances are it will land jam side down.

As traders, we are not concerned about jam-covered bread falling on the carpet. What we care about is the accurate execution of our successful strategies in our trading operations.

For us, the existence of Murphy's Law reminds us: when we neglect to set protective stop-losses in our trades, or when we carelessly establish positions beyond our tolerance limit, these trades often turn into ones that bring us significant losses.

To avoid the negative impact of Murphy's Law, in any trading, you must always remember to set protective stop-losses and establish a maximum trading limit on any account. Never exceed this limit under any circumstances.

Conclusion: The market takes no prisoners

After enduring long and costly experiences, experienced traders know that they will go through good times, during which their trades go smoothly and the market is generous: they will also go through frustrating times, during which not only their accounts suffer significant losses, but their spirits are also low.

This requires traders to have good emotional management and market insight. He must be able to not be misled by sudden success during good times, and he must also be able to persevere through tough times without being washed out.

Disappointment and frustration are two basic human emotions that all traders frequently encounter.

He must be able to overcome setbacks and always maintain an objective, systematic approach to trading.

He must keep his confidence during downturns (days or weeks) to weather these difficult times, as it is his only way to recover losses and profit in the next good times.

If you can survive in the market by limiting losses on unfavorable positions, no matter how bad things look, better days are sure to come.


Confidence is more important than gold. You must believe in your ability to achieve stable profits in trading. The greatest loss is the loss of confidence. You must do everything to avoid this loss. For more trading knowledge and platform selection, please contact CWG platform manager A'Hai;


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