Market Insights: Dec 26th, 2023


Today's news includes the future of generative artificial intelligence tools, new regulations for online gaming, and the arrest of Vivo executives in India.

Finance and Economics

  1. A-Share Market Update: The A-share market opened today with a rebound in gaming and media stocks, while the shipping and logistics sectors also saw gains. Stocks associated with the "dragon" category showed renewed activity.
  2. U.S. Housing Market: Fitch warns that housing prices in major U.S. cities are overvalued and anticipates further price increases.
  3. U.S. Economic Outlook: CITIC Securities predicts a potential downturn in the U.S. economy starting in the first half of next year.
  4. Cross-Border ETF Market Growth: The cross-border ETF market has been robust this year, with ETFs related to the Southeast Asian tech industry receiving approval.
  5. Stable Oil Prices: Concerns over supply disruptions in the Red Sea and increased production in 2024 are keeping oil prices within a narrow range.
  6. Bitcoin ETF Proposal Deadline: The U.S. SEC has set a year-end deadline for the approval of a spot Bitcoin ETF, potentially in early 2024.
  7. Dollar Volatility in Holiday Trading: The U.S. dollar struggles to gain momentum in global currency markets, heightening expectations of a possible interest rate cut by the Federal Reserve.
  8. Philippines Extends Tariff Exemptions on Rice and Other Food Imports: The President of the Philippines approves an extension of tax cuts until the end of 2024 to address potential drought threats.
  9. Future of Generative AI Tools: The explosive growth of generative AI tools is anticipated, with Microsoft's Copilot poised to be a major winner.
  10. Foreign Investment in Chinese Bonds: The substantial purchase of Chinese bonds by foreign investors may be a short-lived phenomenon.
  11. 2024 Consumer Electronics Trends: Tianfeng International Securities analysts release three key investment trends for the consumer electronics industry in 2024.

Technology and Gaming

  1. New Regulations for Online Games: New regulations addressing excessive use and high spending in games, particularly their impact on user recharging.
  2. Bitcoin ETF Proposal Deadline: The U.S. SEC has set a year-end deadline for the approval of a spot Bitcoin ETF, potentially in early 2024.
  3. Rumors of NetEase-Blizzard Collaboration: Speculation arises about collaboration between NetEase and Blizzard as updates to World of Warcraft content are posted on the NetEase gaming forum, though no official response has been received.

Consumption and Market

  1. Continued Rise in U.S. House Prices: Fitch predicts a continued rise in U.S. house prices in the coming years.
  2. Strong Performance in Photovoltaic Sector: The photovoltaic sector continues to strengthen, with China experiencing growth in both added photovoltaic capacity and solar cell exports.
  3. Significant Increase in Game Approvals This Year: The total number of domestic online game approvals doubled year-on-year in 2023, indicating a thriving industry.

Social and Cultural

  1. Succession Plan at Apple: Apple has an internal succession plan in place, with the possibility of selecting a successor from among four candidates.
  2. Outlook for the Chinese Economy: Long-term forecasts suggest that China may surpass the United States and become the world's largest economy by 2037.
  3. Growth in South Korean TV Program Exports: South Korea's TV program exports surpassed $500 million for the first time last year, highlighting growing international influence.
  4. India arrests Vivo executives: India has arrested the interim CEO and CFO of Vivo India on grounds of combating financial crime.


Risk Warning and Disclaimer

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