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Global cryptocurrency market grows, US dollar falls. Euro and British Pound are strong. US stocks close mixed, crude oil prices drop. Bayer wins Roundup case. C

Cryptocurrency Market

  • Global Cryptocurrency Market: The global cryptocurrency market cap is $1.66 trillion, a 0.42% increase over the last day. The total market volume over the last 24 hours is $84.07 billion, up 10.87%. DeFi's volume is $6.31 billion, 7.51% of the total market volume. Stablecoins' volume is $77.68 billion, 92.40% of the total market volume. Bitcoin's market dominance slightly increased to 51.50%.

Forex and Commodities

  • US Dollar: The dollar significantly fell as it heads into 2024. The decline in the US PCE Price Index put pressure on the DXY (Dollar Index), with gold prices rising to $2070 per ounce. The Euro reached new multi-month highs ahead of the US inflation report.
  • EUR/USD and GBP/USD: Both Euro and British Pound showed strength against the US Dollar. EUR/USD reached a new weekly high, the highest since August 2023, while GBP/USD is pushing towards December highs.
  • USD/JPY: The USD/JPY pair is trading below key resistance levels due to softening inflation data, indicating potential further declines.

Stock Markets

  • US Stock Market: This week's closing showed a mixed situation, with major indices like the Dow Jones, S&P, and NASDAQ showing varied performances. This marks the 8th consecutive week of growth for major indices.
  • European Markets: The FTSE 100 index slips as the UK faces recession risks, while the German DAX 40 index remains flat.


  • Crude Oil: Futures settled at $73.56 per barrel, down 0.45%. Prices tested the 100-hour moving average and the 50% midpoint, indicating market volatility.

Special News Highlights

  • Bayer: Bayer won the latest Roundup glyphosate cancer trial, breaking a five-trial losing streak.
  • China's Electric Vehicle Market: Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer Nio launched its flagship model to compete with luxury brands like Maybach and Panamera.
  • Nigeria Cryptocurrency Trading: The Central Bank of Nigeria lifted the ban on cryptocurrency trading, potentially signaling a significant shift in the African crypto market.

Chinese Financial Market

  • Gaming Stocks: There's a significant divergence in institutional attitudes towards gaming stocks in China, with stocks like Zitian Technology, Zhongzhi Technology, and Baotong Technology receiving net institutional buying.
  • Corporate Scandal: Listed company Weichuang shares mysteriously lost 1.33 billion yuan, leading to an investigation by the China Securities Regulatory Commission, affecting over 40,000 investors.

Risk Warning and Disclaimer

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Fundamental Analysis

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