"Investment and Financial Management Risk Advisory"

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Speculative market acumen and cultivation are far more important than technique. The end of trading is belief, not price.

【Investment and Financial Management Risk Advisory】

1. Investing involves risks, and entering the market requires caution. There are no guaranteed profits without losses in this world. Learning relevant knowledge is most important, as mindset determines everything!

2. Facing the turbulent market, everyone has different knowledge, experiences, methods, and judgments. Some are bullish, others bearish. Differing opinions are normal; everyone has their analysis and thoughts, and we all have the potential to be right or wrong. Analysts are human too, and there are no gods on this planet. Don't unrealistically expect to profit from every transaction! Different analysts will have different views and opinions. What's crucial is that you must follow your analysis! Others' opinions and views may not always be correct, and are only for reference and exchange!

3. As time passes, market conditions are changing, and the only constant in this world is "change". Therefore, it's necessary to adjust your strategies timely and keep pace with the market. Holding on to failures can only increase risk while missing new opportunities, which is not worth the loss!

4. The financial market is a battlefield without smoke, and international commodity trading is a global market participated in by investors from various countries, investment banks, and sovereign wealth funds. It's all about fighting against human nature's greed and panic. Controlling one's inner fear and greed and seeking balance is key to success in this smokeless battlefield.

5. Whether it's news from financial portals or analysis and recommendations from analysts in various regions, they are all theoretical analyses and personal views based on the market's current reality. However, the market changes rapidly, whether it's interest rate increases or quantitative easing in the West, geopolitical risks in the Middle East, or the nuclear crisis on the Korean Peninsula, these all constantly impact market trends. Theoretical market applications come with significant risk factors of uncertainty. Data, news, analysis, recommendations, reports, and judgments all represent the personal opinions of analysts and are for reference only, not as the basis for making trades. You must judge on your own, bear the profit and loss, and make decisions after thorough and rational analysis, not impulsively, as if on a battlefield without casualties!

6. Scientifically control and manage your position size (keeping it within 30%), strictly prohibit full or heavily leveraged positions! Future products contracts are leveraged, and good trading habits, combined with one's actual risk tolerance for setting stop-loss and take-profit orders, can control risks and protect profits. Stop-loss adjustments should be based on your actual risk tolerance but must strictly control risk. Take-profit allows you to protect your earnings in volatile markets. (The key to stop-loss is to "stop" and keep risks within your tolerance. The key to take-profit is "profit"; securing your earnings is paramount.)

7. Patience is vital; only by enduring solitude can one hold onto prosperity. Waiting for the right moment is crucial; don't force yourself to trade when there are no opportunities. Investment is not gambling; it requires reasoned and thorough analysis before decisions are made, not reckless courage, as not even three lives would be enough to withstand the losses in the financial battleground.

8. Go with the trend; there's a difference between investing and speculating, strictly prohibit adding to a losing position or stubbornly holding on. Making mistakes is not dreadful, but continuing down the wrong path is. Holding a wrong position without stopping loss can only increase risks while missing new opportunities, a loss indeed. In extreme cases, it might even lead to account blow-up due to heavily leveraged positions against the market, and in particularly large market movements, there might be a need for immediate repayment to avoid credit blacklists if the account goes negative beyond the initial capital.

9. Victory and defeat are common in war; remain humble in success and undeterred by failure. Approach market fluctuations with equanimity, strictly discipline and control yourself, and stay positive and optimistic in your learning and exchanges. Let's learn from each other, discuss, exchange thoughts, grow together, and build a harmonious community.

10. Invest within your means; everyone's situation is different in terms of capital, mentality, position size, and risk tolerance. Do not overextend yourself. The money you invest should be surplus to your family's needs, and it should not affect your family's normal life, and more importantly, do not resort to loans, corruption, or bribery, etc.

Risk Warning and Disclaimer

The market carries risks, and investment should be cautious. This article does not constitute personal investment advice and has not taken into account individual users' specific investment goals, financial situations, or needs. Users should consider whether any opinions, viewpoints, or conclusions in this article are suitable for their particular circumstances. Investing based on this is at one's own responsibility.

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Investing refers to the act of allocating funds or other resources into certain assets or projects with the expectation of obtaining future returns or benefits. The primary aim of investing is usually to enhance asset value, achieve financial goals, preserve and grow value, or accomplish a specific objective.


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