Oliver FX Limited broker evaluation: high risk (Suspected fraud)


Oliver FX Limited, established in 2023, is a forex trading platform. This article evaluates Oliver FX Limited on corporate entity, domain registration, licenses, personnel, trading software, and assets.

Oliver FX Limited Company Overview:

According to public information on the official website of Oliver FX Limited, the company’s corporate entity is Oliver FX Limited. However, it did not provide specific corporate entity information such as registered address and registration number, as well as unannounced team members and specific office addresses.

Domain Registration of Oliver FX Limited:

According to the information queried by Whois, the registration time of its official website domain name was May 26, 2023. As of November 29, 2023, the registration time was less than 7 months.


Is Oliver FX Limited legit or a scam? Does Oliver FX Limited have any regulatory licenses?

The official website of Oliver FX Limited does not display any regulatory information.

Employees of Oliver FX Limited :

Traderknows did not find the company’s employee information.


Trading Software Provided by Oliver FX Limited:

The official website of Oliver FX Limited shows that the broker provides the HT5 trading platform for users to use.


Online Reputation and Client Complaints of Oliver FX Limited:

Regarding the public opinion of Oliver FX Limited, there are the following aspects of information:

  1. Suspected fraud: Oliver FX Limited is suspected of being involved in fraudulent activities. The company lured investors with very high rates of return, possibly using emotional manipulation to deceive unsuspecting investors. Its official website was only registered on May 26, 2023. Such a short registration history casts doubt on its legality.
  2. Regulatory status: According to other business information query websites, Oliver FX Limited is an unauthorized and unregulated broker in the United Kingdom. The company’s lack of authorization and regulation is a major concern, and their lack of trading software is an additional point of concern.

Trading Products Provided by Oliver FX Limited:

The official website of Oliver FX Limited shows that the broker provides foreign exchange, commodities, indices and digital asset trading services.


Contact Information:

Investors can contact Oliver FX Limited only through E-mail.

Website Traffic of Oliver FX Limited:

Traderknows did not find any website information of Oliver FX Limited on similarweb.


Oliver FX Limited is a broker that provides foreign exchange, commodities, index and digital asset trading services, but has the following problems: no clear business registration information is provided, domain name registration time is short, lack of regulatory information, suspicion of fraud, limited contact Way. Therefore, Oliver FX Limited is marked as "suspected of fraud" on Traderknows.Traderknows reminds investors that being cautious about transactions with the company and carefully evaluating potential risks.








Ponzi Scheme

Ponzi scheme is a type of financial fraud model that promises high returns and pays early investors with the funds from new investors, ultimately leading to losses for the majority.






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