Danish pharmaceutical company Zealand Pharma's stock price surges by 36%.


The Danish pharmaceutical company Zealand Pharma achieved success in clinical trials, which spurred a surge in its stock price.

The Danish biotechnology firm Zealand Pharma's new drug Survodutide has recently garnered widespread attention following the publication of its phase II clinical trial results, which also sparked a surge in the company's stock price. Reports indicate that the drug has shown positive effects in treating Metabolic Dysfunction Associated Fatty Liver Inflammation (MASH), making it a new hope in the weight loss medication market.


The company announced on Monday that Survodutide demonstrated good performance in treating liver disease, which stimulated a 36% rise in the company's stock price that same day. According to the company's data, Survodutide showed good efficacy in 83% of adult trial participants, compared to an improvement rate of only 18.2% in a comparable placebo group. This outcome has been deemed by analysts as a "real victory" for the drug, showcasing its potential in treating MASH hepatitis.

Recently, several pharmaceutical companies have seen substantial stock price increases due to high sales volumes of their weight loss drugs. Among them, Denmark's Novo Nordisk, with its weight loss drugs Ozempic and Wegovy, has become one of Europe's highest-valued companies. On Monday, Zealand Pharma's stock price in London soared by 36.45%. Other companies, such as Eli Lilly, Roche, and AstraZeneca, are also competing in this field.


Survodutide demonstrated good safety in trials, with no unexpected safety or tolerance issues even at the highest doses. This has made the drug highly anticipated and designated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a fast-track development drug.

Zealand Pharma and its research and development partner Boehringer Ingelheim hope to bring the drug to market by 2027 or 2028, depending on the outcomes of phase III trials. Meanwhile, the medical diagnostics field is actively researching blood tests and non-invasive imaging technologies to improve early diagnosis rates of MASH hepatitis.

The trial results have also sparked market expectations for Zealand Pharma's future. Analysts note that the market may currently underestimate the company's standing in the obesity treatment field, while partner Boehringer Ingelheim has expressed intentions to expedite the clinical trials for the drug, underscoring its significance for treating related diseases.

Overall, the phase II trial results of Survodutide add a new highlight to Zealand Pharma's position in the weight loss drug market. As the drug continues to be developed and advanced, it is expected to become an important player in the future weight loss drug market, offering new treatment options for the vast number of overweight or obese patients.


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