Renowned Ponzi scheme Opixtech add white-glove brokerage IFA, continuing to harvest investors


Traderknows had already exposed as early as 2023 how Opixtech, and Raynar Prime brokers collaborated to fleece investors. Recently, Opixtech has added a new white-glove broker, IFA, to continue scamming mainland users.

Recently in the Chinese-speaking regions and Southeast Asia, the financial scheme Opixtech has unleashed a new gimmick by publicly announcing a new partnership with the brokerage International Finance Asia (IFA), thereby initiating a new round of illegal fund-raising from mainland users.

Opixtech and IFA partnership screenshot

Recall that in 2022, the same strategy was employed when Opixtech made public claims of a partnership with the brokerage Raynar Prime (RN Prime), leading to the deterioration of the Raynar Prime brand and the eventual revocation of its trading software. It wasn't long before IFA was approached to serve as the new intermediary.

Opixtech and Rayner

What magic does Opixtech possess to continuously attract a large user base to invest? From the profit screenshots promoted by Opixtech, one can see that the returns from different subscription packages are ranked into three levels, with the highest-tier professional version offering a $30,000 investment yielding a profit of $4,053.30 in a single month. The allure of a 13.51% monthly return is undeniable. However, the catch is the 12-month subscription period, which means as long as new people keep joining, Opixtech can continuously use the principal from new users to subsidize the earlier ones. Yet, such a bubble is bound to burst one day, with the recent scam by Hero Forex still fresh in memory, one can only imagine the tragic scene when Opixtech inevitably collapses.

Profit screenshot

Among the participants of the financial scheme, a portion are those who fully understand the nature of such schemes and thus, their losses may not warrant sympathy. However, there are also novices deceived by the packaging of these schemes, blinded by the dubious regulatory information from so-called International Finance Asia (IFA), and thereby inveigled into investing. This group of users needs proper guidance to prevent financial loss.

Profit over 300 percent

The higher the yield promised by a financial scheme, the closer it is to the brink of collapse. Examples like DDT, PTFX, OTFX are not rare.

WeChat picture_20240426172852

Up to today, Traderknows has received complaints from several investors against Opixtech. There are also inquiries on how to report such activities. In this regard, Traderknows advises everyone to contact the local Economic Investigation Department to retain evidence and promotional materials, trusting that the relevant authorities will take appropriate actions.






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Ponzi Scheme

Ponzi scheme is a type of financial fraud model that promises high returns and pays early investors with the funds from new investors, ultimately leading to losses for the majority.

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