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"Wang Yawei, known as the 'Public Offering No.1 Brother,' has been rumored to be missing three times over the past year.

As the leading figure in domestic public offerings, Wang Yawei is undoubtedly the focus of many investors. Some see him as a career goal and a life idol, hoping to follow in Wang Yawei's footsteps on the road to wealth; while others view him as part of a sinister industry chain of collusion between officials and businessmen, using power for personal gain, and question whether he has been involved in any possible illegal activities.

For such a high-profile individual, losing contact is undoubtedly a significant turmoil, whether fleeing overseas or being detained by the authorities, various sudden situations leading to a person's disappearance are not good news.

For Wang Yawei, "rumors of disappearance" are not new; as early as June 2023, there were rumors that Wang Yawei had gone missing. However, these rumors were eventually debunked as false. Wang Yawei did not vanish. He responded to the rumors by sharing articles through his social media.

Although this turmoil was subsided, it was just the beginning. In October 2023, four months later, Wang Yawei was rumored to have disappeared again. This time, the response did not come from him personally but from his company, Qianhe Capital. This response was more direct and powerful than the last, stating that the rumor of "being taken away for investigation" was false and that Wang Yawei was still working normally at the company.

The third disappearance turmoil happened four months later, in February 2024. Starting from February 2nd, there were again rumors that Wang Yawei was missing and had been taken away. Just when everyone thought it was a "wolf is coming" scenario replay, Qianhe Capital issued an unexpected and ambiguous response.



Unlike the responses after the previous two "disappearances," which directly addressed whether Wang Yawei was missing, this time, Qianhe Capital chose to indirectly affirm the rumor, not denying that Wang Yawei was missing and even implicitly distancing, stating that he would "temporarily" not participate in the company's operational management due to "personal reasons."

The company then emphasized that it was operating normally, the redemption work was successfully completed, and there was sufficient liquidity, thus stabilizing investors' confidence and implying that the company was operating normally and thriving, with or without Wang Yawei.

To outsiders, this distancing response can only mean one thing: the rumor that "Wang Yawei was taken away" is true. Given that Wang Yawei founded and developed Qianhe Capital, will the company be affected by this? Although they attempted to downplay or even eliminate this connection in their announcement, it is undoubtedly impossible.

According to the official website of the China Securities Investment Fund Association, as of February 4, 2024, Wang Yawei is still the representative member of Qianhe Capital, serving as the company's legal representative, general manager, and executive director. Qianhe Capital currently has 21 full-time employees, 20 of whom hold fund practice qualifications, and is currently operating 51 funds.

It is noteworthy that as the founder with a 90% subsidiary contribution ratio, Wang Yawei has been the chairman of Qianhe Capital for 11 years, from September 2012 to February 2023. After February 2023, he became the executive director and general manager, and Qianhe Capital's official website made no announcement.

Wang Yawei was named China's No.1 Fund Manager by Forbes Chinese edition for three consecutive years from 2009 to 2011 and founded his own company in 2012, becoming extremely prominent. However, even such a successful figure can be brought down once problems arise. Therefore, investors should prefer larger fund companies over smaller ones, regardless of how these smaller funds attempt to convince you of their extensive experience and capabilities.

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