January 11: Key pre-market news summary and analysis.


Experienced investors develop a habit of monitoring various news as each piece can directly impact market movements.

1.Deputy General Manager (Li) Hefeng met with a delegation of members from the International Advisory Committee of the China Securities Regulatory Commission.

Evaluation: Deputy General Manager He takes over financial responsibilities from Vice Premier (Liu) He, and his voice represents the Financial Committee.

It is foreseeable that capital market reforms will continue to deepen, and there will be further opening up in both directions, enhancing cross-border investment and financing facilitation.

2.The 10-year government bond yield fell below 2.5%, reaching a new low since April 2020, and also dropped below the 2.5% level of the 1-year MLF rate. Evaluation: Expectations of interest rate cuts are rising, liquidity is relatively loose, institutions are rushing to allocate funds to bonds, causing interest rates to decline rapidly.

3.Shanghai announced multiple measures to support the development of the equity investment industry. Evaluation: This can better promote the aggregation of capital elements, stimulate investment enthusiasm, and promote technological innovation and corporate development.

4.New China Life Insurance and China Life Insurance each contributed 25 billion yuan to establish the private equity fund company "Lightspeed," which completed its filing. The application was first submitted on December 28th last year, and the processing began on January 3rd this year, with registration and filing completed by January 8th.

It took less than 4 trading days in total, which can be described as "lightspeed" filing. Evaluation: When it comes to matters related to the stability of the securities market, the relevant authorities are fully committed, and their determination to safeguard the market has not wavered, and their actions have been swift.

5.Several foreign banks collectively maintain a high allocation of A-shares, stating that "valuations are very attractive." Goldman Sachs, UBS, Nomura Orient International Securities, and other well-known institutions have successively expressed their confidence in A-shares, believing that dawn is just ahead.

6.The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission officially approved 11 Bitcoin spot ETFs. Evaluation: The concept of digital currency has recently experienced a significant decline, so it's worth keeping an eye on.

7.The hydrogen-powered vessel "Xihai New Source 1" equipped with the hydrogen fuel cell system from China Hydrogen Technology has been successfully launched. Hydrogen fuel cells and hydrogen energy have been active recently, with related stocks including Xiongtao and Houpou.

8.Core Lithium announced the suspension of mining operations at its Finniss lithium project, which could mark the beginning of reduced production in Australian mining. Evaluation: Lithium carbonate prices continue to fall, and lithium mining is barely profitable.

The reduction in production in Australian lithium mines, as well as in other regions, conforms to industry norms. Pay close attention to domestic salt lake lithium extraction concepts, including shovel companies.

9.Yunxingyu, which raised less than 400 million yuan, froze 20.1346 billion yuan for new share subscriptions. The Beijing Stock Exchange's winning rules prioritize proportionate allotment, followed by the quantity of subscriptions and then the submission time.

This means that the results of allotment are entirely determined by the distribution of subscription funds. The Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges use a new stock allocation process that mainly depends on luck and does not require advance capital injection. Evaluation: There is no shortage of funds off the exchange; what is lacking is confidence.

On the other hand, the Beijing Stock Exchange is more speculative, and when new hot topics emerge, related stocks on the Beijing Stock Exchange are more attractive.

10.U.S. stock market's three major indices collectively closed higher, with large-cap tech stocks performing strongly, and NVIDIA hitting a historical high for the third consecutive trading day. Evaluation: It seems like they are on a different planet; we hope that domestic tech stocks will respond positively after a deep decline. Always falling when the market falls and not rising seems too distinctive.

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