Oroku Edge Review: Is It a Safe, Regulated Platform?


Comprehensive evaluation of Oroku Edge, covering corporate entity, regulatory license, trading software, and products.

Introduction to Basic Information of Oroku Edge:

Oroku Edge is a foreign exchange broker registered and headquartered in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, specializing in the trading of foreign exchange, indices, metals, and energy, as well as providing virtual currency trading services that have emerged in recent years.

The official website of Oroku Edge is https://www.orokuedgemarkets.com/, which currently only supports English, which may cause some inconvenience to users from non-English speaking regions.

Oroku Edge offers a variety of services, including diverse products and account types, as well as trading tools, allowing investors to find satisfying and familiar services.

Is Oroku Edge Safe? Does Oroku Edge Hold Relevant Financial Regulatory Licenses?

According to Oroku Edge's official website, the company was established in 2021, registered in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

Oroku Edge states on its official website that it is registered in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, with the registration number 1099. A search on the official website of the Financial Services Authority of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (SVGFSA) confirms the registration is genuine, with the date of registration being May 20, 2021. However, the SVGFSA also warns that forex activity is not regulated locally.

The broker's official website does not publish any information about regulation by other financial authorities, which may imply a lack of effective regulation.

Information obtained through a Whois search indicates that the domain for the broker's website was registered on November 10, 2023. Additionally, as of January 17, 2024, the broker has been established for just over two months.





Trading Instruments Offered by Oroku Edge:

Oroku Edge offers a variety of financial instruments for trading, including currency pairs, metals, indices, and energy products, as well as cryptocurrency trading which has risen in popularity in recent years.

For forex trading, the platform provides real-time foreign exchange ratios, which is convenient for users interested in participating.

Other categories of commodities also provide some corresponding data displays.

In summary, Oroku Edge provides a variety of financial instruments and real-time data, which is convenient for traders.



Trading Platforms Offered by Oroku Edge:

Oroku Edge offers users three trading platforms, which are MT4, MT5, and OE Web Terminal, but the MT5 portal is currently not operational.

MT4 is a proven product with many loyal users, while OE Web Terminal is a web-based platform.


Deposit and Withdrawal Methods at Oroku Edge:

Oroku Edge has announced on its official website the channels supported for deposits and withdrawals, but has not disclosed specific details such as timing, currency types, or fees. It only states that the minimum deposit is 10 USD, and the minimum withdrawal is 11.37 USD.

The minimum deposits for the three types of accounts are: 10 USD for a PRIME account, 50 USD for a FLEX BONUS account, and 1000 USD for an ECN account.

The platform's methods for depositing and withdrawing are unclear, which may cause confusion and information asymmetry for users. It is recommended to understand these fully before making decisions.


Account Types and Leverage at Oroku Edge:

Oroku Edge offers three different types of accounts: PRIME, FLEX BONUS, and ECN accounts, each with significant differences, including minimum deposit, maximum leverage, deposit bonuses, and margin call levels.

Minimum lot sizes, cashback availability, expert advisor access, and whether accounts are Islamic are the same for all three types of accounts.

The minimum deposit for a PRIME account is 10 USD, for a FLEX BONUS account is 50 USD, and for an ECN account, it's 1000 USD.

In terms of leverage, the PRIME account can go up to 1:3333, while the other two account types offer up to 1:500.

Investors should be reminded that leverage should be chosen after assessing one's own risk tolerance, as high leverage carries significant risks.


Spreads and Fees at Oroku Edge:

Both PRIME and FLEX BONUS accounts are commission-free and offer a spread of 0.3, while the ECN account has a commission of 5 USD per lot, and a spread of 0.0.

Users can choose different account types based on their actual needs, with different types serving different user requirements.


Account Opening Process at Oroku Edge:

To open an account, visit the broker's official website, click on "TRADING" on the homepage to enter the account selection interface, select from three types of accounts, and click "OPEN XXXXX ACCOUNT" below the account type to enter the registration interface. Then select "REGISTER NOW" on the left and submit the required personal information.

They also offer demo accounts which differ from the three types of real accounts mentioned above. The registration process for demo accounts is the same as for real accounts.





User Reviews of Oroku Edge:

Currently, there are few online reviews for Oroku Edge, and the few available should be taken as reference only.


Two comments report issues with withdrawals, with the latter indicating that customer service stated they were unable to resolve the issue after contact.

On another platform, two users also reported issues with withdrawals.



Currently, there are few user reviews available, and they are mostly negative, focusing on problems with withdrawals. Multiple websites have listed Oroku Edge as a suspected scam or unreliable platform, urging users to be fully informed before making decisions to protect their assets.

Contact Information for Oroku Edge:

Oroku Edge currently offers a variety of contact options, including email, physical addresses, and an online contact form.


It should be noted that the provided contact information is not necessarily reliable, as some scam websites may also provide false addresses.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Oroku Edge:


  1. Provides a variety of financial instruments, such as currency pairs, commodities, futures, and metals, enabling traders to operate flexibly in different markets and achieve diversified investment portfolios.
  2. Utilizes the acclaimed MT4 trading software, offering traders a convenient and efficient trading environment with more reliable security than in-house developed software.
  3. Offers accounts with different services to meet the needs of various types of users, allowing them to choose based on their requirements.


  1. Lack of Regulation: Only provides registration information from Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, lacking effective oversight which might pose financial risks.
  2. Few Reviews: There are few discussions and comments about the platform online, and its credibility is low, posing a risk of fake online activity.
  3. Unclear Deposit and Withdrawal Methods: Although multiple channels are provided for deposits and withdrawals, many specific details are not disclosed.
  4. Single Language: The official website is only available in English, which is inconvenient for users of other languages and can create information gaps.

Frequently Asked Questions by Users:

  • Question: Is Oroku Edge safe?

Answer: Currently, there are few actual user reviews on the website, with many negative comments. Users should be cautious.

  • Question: What is the minimum deposit required to open an account with Oroku Edge?

Answer: The minimum deposit is 10 USD for a PRIME account, 50 USD for a FLEX BONUS account, and 1000 USD for an ECN account.

  • Question: Does Oroku Edge provide any educational resources for traders?

Answer: Yes, Oroku Edge provides an economic calendar to help traders stay informed, but the calendar has not been updated since January 5 (as of January 8, 2024).

  • Question: What is the maximum leverage provided by Oroku Edge?

Answer: Oroku Edge offers traders a maximum leverage of up to 1:3333.


Oroku Edge performs well in terms of service diversity, showcasing excellent products and account types, as well as multiple contact methods.

However, the company currently has few online reviews and mixed opinions, requiring investors to be vigilant and protect their assets.

Currently, Oroku Edge is listed on the Traderknows as "Suspected of Scam".




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