Market Highlights on November 24


Market Highlights on November 24 cover areas such as the energy market, international economic and currency trends, financial markets, and investments.

Energy Market:

Oil Market:

International oil prices saw a slight increase under the influence of OPEC, marking the first positive growth trend in five weeks. The global oil and gas industry is facing a historic decision, with the International Energy Agency (IEA) issuing a warning, emphasizing the need to make critical decisions.

International Economic and Currency Trends:

Japanese Economy:

In October, Japan's core Consumer Price Index (CPI) inflation was slightly lower than market expectations, indicating relatively low inflationary pressure.

Currency Market:

The US dollar declined during holiday trading, supported by Germany's Manufacturing Purchasing Managers' Index (PMI) data, while the Asian forex market remained subdued with the US dollar maintaining relative strength.

European Economy:

European stock markets showed a slight increase ahead of the release of key economic data and minutes from the European Central Bank meeting, with optimistic market expectations for the future.

Financial Markets and Investments:

Gold Market:

Gold prices retreated from their highs due to global interest rate uncertainty, affecting investor confidence.

Stock Market Dynamics:

Chinese real estate stocks continued to rise as the market anticipated more economic stimulus measures from the government.

Stock Market Movements:

Huifa Food's stock price hit the limit-up, and the pre-fabricated vegetable sector became active, attracting significant market attention.

Financial Market Development:

The Beijing municipal government announced support for the development of the Beijing Stock Exchange, aiming to enhance the multi-tier financial market system and inject new vitality into the financial market.

Company Dynamics and Stock Market:

Technology Company Developments:

Kuaishou is at a crucial development stage, while Alibaba Cloud announced a restructuring, establishing a new Public Cloud Business Unit.

Company Financing:

Dongfang Zhenxuan successfully raised 1.63 billion RMB through a rights issue to its parent company, New Oriental, attracting market attention to its future direction.

Bank Operations:

HSBC's alleged operations in the Hong Kong dollar market led to an increase in medium to long-term interbank rates, impacting the Hong Kong financial market.

Real Estate Market:

Hong Kong Real Estate:

The six regions in the "North District" of Hong Kong saw a total of HKD 13 billion in additional payments, potentially exerting a significant impact on the overall real estate market in Hong Kong.



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