Google to invest $100B in global AI, fast movers benefit.


With the development of the AI industry, an increasing number of enterprise institutions have recognized its historical position and future value, and have begun to invest and plan for the future.

Currently, the AI market is still relatively in its early stages, so various companies are eager to explore this "brand new cake." Given the potential AI has shown, it's very likely to be a core technology for a long time to come. Whoever can dominate this market will have the upper hand in the future. Giants like Microsoft and Google are entering the arena.

Recently, the global cloud computing giant Amazon announced plans to invest approximately 150 billion dollars over the next 15 years in deploying and expanding global data centers. This move aims to meet the surge in demand for AI applications and other services in the future. Microsoft has also been investing frequently in AI-related companies to expand its influence.

Google has similarly released its outlook and plans for the future of the AI industry. The head of Google's artificial intelligence division, DeepMind, recently stated that Google will invest more than 100 billion dollars in artificial intelligence, a significant amount even for Google, highlighting the company's emphasis and optimism on the AI industry.

At the TED conference held in Vancouver this Monday, DeepMind's CEO, Hassabis, was asked about AI-related issues. He mentioned that Google's subsequent investments would exceed the 100 billion dollars planned by Microsoft and OpenAI, believing that Google has a stronger computing advantage over competitors like Microsoft.

Greater scale and stronger computing power were the reasons DeepMind chose Google initially. The company, founded by Hassabis in 2010 and acquired by Google in 2014, has always maintained an optimistic attitude. Hassabis believes that Google has had the strongest computing support from the past to the present, and powerful computing power is a prerequisite for AI.


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