KMDFX Broker Evaluation: High Risk (Suspected Fraud)


KMDFX, a UK-registered forex trading platform, offers a detailed assessment across various aspects: corporate structure, domain, licenses, staff, software, and products.

KMDFX Overview:

The official website of KMDFX shows that its registered entity is KMD FX Ltd, and its company address is 68 Bramah House 9 Gatliff Road London SW1W 8DQ. Other specific registration information has not been announced. During the inquiry, we found a company with the same name registered in the UK, and the company’s registered address was consistent with that published on the broker’s official website. In the "Privacy Policy" of its official website, it was found that the broker is actually a Kuwaiti company. The company is Kuveyt Menkul Limited, and the company address is Khaled Ibn Al Waleed Street Al Dhow Tower, 13th Floor Sharq, Kuwait City.



Domain Registration of KMDFX:

According to the Whois website query, KMDFX registered the website domain name on September 24, 2021.


Is KMDFX legit or a scam? Does KMDFX have any regulatory licenses?

The broker’s official website claims that it has obtained an FSCA license. After verification, the South African Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) did not find any information about the broker, which was false advertising. And some navigation pages on the KMDFX official website are blank and have no content.


Employees of KMDFX:

Traderknows did not find the company employee information of KMDFX.

Trading Software Provided by KMDFX:

KMDFX claims in the “Terms and Conditions” section of its official website that “accounts opened on the company’s authorized brokerage accounts and all transactions executed through such accounts will be recorded and monitored through the Meta Trader 5 (MT5) platform.” However, there is no content on the trading platform navigation page of its official website, and no information about the broker can be found on the MT5 trading platform.


Online Reputation and Client Complaints:

Traderknows found a media company on the Internet that emphasized that KMDFX currently does not have effective regulation. The lack of regulation is an important risk factor for traders, as regulation is crucial to ensuring broker transparency and the safety of traders’ funds. Traderknows advises potential users to be aware of this risk.


Trading Products Provided by KMDFX:

The KMDFX official website does not display specific trading products.

Contact Information:

Investors can contact KMDFX through:

  1. phone
  2. email


KMDFX is a broker registered in the UK and associated with Kuwait-based Kuveyt Menkul Limited. Its website domain name was registered on September 24, 2021. Although the official website claims to have obtained an FSCA license, no relevant information was found in the FSCA official database, which may indicate that its promotion is false. In addition, KMDFX claims to use the Meta Trader 5 (MT5) platform, but no corresponding information was found on its official website and MT5 platform. Due to the lack of effective regulatory information, there are certain risks. Investors can contact KMDFX by phone and email. Taking these factors into account, KMDFX was rated as "suspected fraud" on Traderknows. Traderknows recommends that investors conduct in-depth research and verification before trading with this broker.




Risk Warning and Disclaimer

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Ponzi Scheme

Ponzi scheme is a type of financial fraud model that promises high returns and pays early investors with the funds from new investors, ultimately leading to losses for the majority.


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