Market Insights: Dec 22nd, 2023


Today's market insight relates to corporate developments, financial and economic updates, as well as insights into financial markets and investments.

Company Developments and Finance:

  1. Alibaba announced the establishment of a new company, initiating the handling of its equity securities of listed companies held as of the end of March, with a total value of CNY 107.5 billion, and the non-listed portion valued at CNY 97.7 billion, totaling CNY 205.2 billion in investments. Considering the challenges of liquidating non-listed investments, Alibaba may concentrate on dealing with its listed investments.
  2. New stock N Hongsheng surged by 328.24% today, triggering a temporary trading halt. The company's main business involves the research, development, production, and sales of transmission line towers, with a transaction amount exceeding CNY 1.6 billion.
  3. Deposit benchmark rates of banks such as ICBC and Bank of China officially decreased today, with the highest drop reaching 25 basis points. This marks the third round of deposit rate cuts this year, aimed at enhancing investment and consumption incentives.
  4. Micron Technology saw a sharp rise in its stock price today, benefiting from expectations of AI empowerment and consumer electronics demand, seen as a signal of a rebound in the storage chip industry.
  5. China's banking sector underwent its third round of deposit rate cuts this year, and the market is watching whether this will lead to a decrease in the loan market's quoted interest rate (LPR).

Financial Markets and Investments:

  1. U.S. stocks rebounded, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average rising by over 300 points.
  2. Hong Kong banks are competing to lower fixed deposit rates, resulting in fewer high-yield products. While fixed deposit returns may not match those of stocks and bonds, their stability and simplicity still attract conservative investors.

Technology and Industries:

  1. 5G-A applications have been implemented, presenting new opportunities when combined with XR and intelligent IoT scenarios.
  2. Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin is interested in acquiring competitors to SpaceX.
  3. The ChiNext Index fell by more than 1%, with the photovoltaic sector experiencing a pullback, while the military and shipping sectors performed strongly, with key stocks in the shipping sector hitting the daily limit, rising by 50%.

International Trade:

  1. Angola's "about-face" raises concerns about OPEC's internal cohesion, posing a challenge to major oil-producing countries and potentially impacting global oil prices.
  2. Morgan Stanley released "Top Ten Surprises for 2024" that may impact global markets, attracting market attention.

Deals and Negotiations:

The world's largest asset management company, BlackRock, expressed interest in controlling Huapin Investment but negotiations ultimately failed.



Risk Warning and Disclaimer

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