First Human Brain-Machine Chip Implant


The first patient has already undergone brain-computer interface chip implant surgery by Neuralink Corp., and the patient is currently recovering well.

Elon Musk announced that Neuralink has successfully conducted the first human brain-computer interface experiment. The world's first patient received a brain chip implant yesterday and is currently recovering well. Musk stated that the initial results show promising neuron spike detection, marking a critical step forward for the success of the experiment.

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It is reported that Neuralink raised $323 million in funding in two rounds in August and November of 2023, aimed at curing significant diseases and even helping patients with mental illnesses such as depression through brain chip implants. The first product has been named "Telepathy," signifying an important breakthrough for Neuralink in the field of human brain-computer interfaces.

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The company previously conducted numerous animal experiments, including 155 surgeries on sheep, pigs, and monkeys, and 294 surgeries during the year 2022. However, it wasn't until earlier in 2023 that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Neuralink for human trials of its device. Musk described the chip as akin to a "Fitbit on your skull," aiming to achieve symbiosis with artificial intelligence.

As an emerging company in the field of brain-computer interfaces, Neuralink has adopted a more aggressive "invasive technology" approach, implanting tiny electrodes to maximize bandwidth and merge with AI, developing more features. The company emphasizes that its products are not only expected to cure significant diseases but also help people with paralysis regain mobility and blind individuals regain sight.

Musk states that Neuralink's vision is not limited to the medical field but also plans to offer brain chip products to everyone, to enable more intuitive communication with computers and address a potential "crisis of human civilization."

Headquartered in Fremont in the suburbs of San Francisco, California, Neuralink began recruiting volunteers for its first human trial earlier this year. The success of this experiment marks a major breakthrough in the field of human brain-computer interfaces, bringing new possibilities for future medical and technological development.

Recently, seven departments including the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology proposed to accelerate the development of advanced technologies such as brain-computer interaction. Neuralink's successful practice is in line with this trend and provides strong support for the research and development of new medical services and health products.

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