Monaxa Review 2024: Is Monaxa a Legit Forex Broker?


Review of Monaxa: regulatory licenses, transaction types, trading software, capital security, deposit/withdrawal channels, and leverage ratios.

Monaxa Company Profile:

Monaxa mainly provides trading services including forex, precious metals, energy products, stocks, and indices for investors. The official website of the broker is https://monaxa.comMonaxa.

The official website states that the company was registered in Anguilla, a British Overseas Territory. According to the search results from the ANGUILLA COMMERCIAL REGISTRY website, the company's registration information is true.

A Whois domain search reveals that the company's official website domain was registered on March 19, 2013, meaning the domain has been registered for 10 years to date.

Monaxa's official website supports seven languages including Simplified Chinese, English, Vietnamese, Malay, Spanish, and others.


The official website shows company registration information inquiry

Whois query of official website domain registration information

Monaxa Regulatory Compliance and Licensing

Monaxa's official website does not explicitly mention regulatory information about the company.

However, according to information on the Monaxa website, its related entity Monaxa AU PTY Ltd is regulated or authorized by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). Upon checking with ASIC, it was found that Monaxa AU PTY Ltd holds an authorized representatives license (AR license) from STAR FUNDS MANAGEMENT PTY LTD (488828), which has weaker regulatory strength and investor protection.

Further investigation revealed that STAR FUNDS MANAGEMENT PTY LTD sold authorized representative licenses (AR licenses) to several similar entities like Monaxa AU PTY Ltd. Monaxa AU PTY Ltd is in fact not related to STAR FUNDS MANAGEMENT PTY LTD, and the broker uses the authorized representative license (AR license) purchased from STAR FUNDS MANAGEMENT PTY LTD for fraudulent advertising.

Official website showing regulatory information

Official website showing regulatory information query 1

Official website showing regulatory information query 2

Monaxa Offered Trading Instruments

According to the introduction on Monaxa's official website, this broker offers financial asset trading services including forex, precious metals, energy, stocks, and indices.

A diverse range of trading instruments can meet the needs of different types of users.

Official website showing trading product information 1

Monaxa Provided Trading Software

On Monaxa's official website, the software download link provided for investors is MetaTrader4 (MT4), a trading software that supports desktop version (Windows/MacOS), web version, and mobile version (iOS/Android).

Content related to MT5 is available on the official website, but it is not yet completed.

Official website showing trading software information 1


Deposit and Withdrawal Channels

Monaxa's official website only announces cryptocurrency as a method for deposit and withdrawal, other methods are not disclosed and it only mentions that there will be different scenarios for different regions.

Under the cryptocurrency deposit and withdrawal method, no commission fees are charged. The processing time for deposits is at least 15 minutes, without stating an upper limit, while withdrawals are stated to take 24 hours. Both the deposit and withdrawal minimum amounts are 20 USDT (the minimum transaction amount is different when compared to the account types).

It is important to note that if a deposit is made using cryptocurrency, withdrawal will also be in cryptocurrency, and this may involve devaluation and loss.




Leverage Ratio:

The leverage ratio advertised by this trader varies significantly, and the leverage differences among different products are also substantial.

The leverage ratio for forex and precious metals is quite high, with the maximum leverage reaching 1:4000, posing a significant risk; while for cryptocurrencies, stocks, and other commodities, the leverage ratio is lower, not exceeding 1:100.

It's important to remind investors that a higher leverage ratio is not always better, as excessive leverage can lead to greater risks and losses beyond expectations.


Monaxa Account Types and Minimum Deposits:

Monaxa provides three different types of accounts: STANDARD account, PRO account, and ZERO account, which differ significantly in terms of minimum deposits, spreads, commissions, and so on.

The contract size, currency types, maximum leverage, and maximum lot size are the same for all three account types.

The minimum deposit for a STANDARD account is $15, for a PRO account $50, and for a ZERO account $200.


Monaxa Spreads and Commissions:

The minimum spreads for the three account types are different: 1.8 USD for a STANDARD account, 0.9 USD for a PRO account, and 0 USD for a ZERO account.

Users can choose different types of accounts to serve different needs depending on their personal circumstances.


Monaxa Account Opening Process:

To open an account, visit the broker's official website, click "Register" in the top right corner of the homepage, enter the account selection interface, follow the account registration interface, fill in the personal information as required, and submit.

Currently, Monaxa only offers real accounts and does not provide demo accounts.



Monaxa User Reviews:

Currently, there are few online reviews about Monaxa, and the limited number of comments available are for reference only.


The few user reviews that could be found are negative, and several websites have listed Monaxa as a platform with suspicions of fraud or unreliability. Users should thoroughly understand the platform before making any decisions to protect their assets.

Monaxa Contact Information:

Monaxa currently offers a variety of contact methods, including email, physical address, and an online contact form.


It is important to note that the contact information provided is not necessarily reliable, as some fraudulent websites may also provide false addresses.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Monaxa:


  1. Offers a variety of financial instruments, such as currency pairs, commodities, futures, and metals, enabling traders to operate flexibly in different markets and achieve diversified investment portfolios.
  2. Uses the highly acclaimed MT4 trading software, providing traders with a convenient and efficient trading environment, and the security level of the software is relatively more reliable and efficient compared to homegrown software.
  3. Offers a range of accounts with different services to meet the needs of different types of users, who can choose according to their needs.
  4. The official website is available in a rich variety of languages, meeting the needs of users from different regions.


  1. Lack of Regulation: Only registration information is provided; there is a lack of effective regulatory oversight, which might pose risks to funds.
  2. Few Reviews: There are few discussions and reviews about the platform online, and its credibility is low.
  3. Unclear Deposit and Withdrawal Methods: Although they provide pathways for deposits and withdrawals, much of the specific data is not made public.
  4. Excessive Leverage Ratios: The leverage reaches up to 1:4000, which could lead to unbearable losses.

Frequently Asked Questions by Users:

  • Question: Is Monaxa safe?

Answer: Currently, there are few actual user reviews about this website, and negative reviews abound. Users need to be vigilant.

  • Question: What is the minimum deposit required to open an account with Monaxa?

Answer: The minimum deposit for a STANDARD account is $15, for a PRO account $50, and for a ZERO account $200.

  • Question: Does Monaxa offer any educational resources for traders?

Answer: Yes, Monaxa provides an economic calendar to help traders stay informed.

  • Question: What is the maximum leverage offered by Monaxa?

Answer: Monaxa offers traders maximum leverage of up to 1:4000.


Monaxa is a forex broker engaged in illegal financial activities using false regulatory information and does not disclose any key information regarding the safety of users' funds. Monaxa is flagged as "suspected of fraud" on the trading encyclopedia website.

The traderknows hereby reminds you that Monaxa is an extremely high-risk forex trader, and you should stay away from this platform to avoid falling into a fraud trap.



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