How should one transfer accounts in XM? How does one change agents?


XM platform is well-established in China, known for its extensive marketing on platforms like Douyin and FM. It is regulated by authorities in Australia (ASIC), Cyprus, and Seychelles, among others. For details on becoming an agent and information

XM platform account transfer link through Rebate Network: https://clicks.pipaffiliates.com/c?c=231527&l=zh-hans&p=0

Agent number: A1010089

XM platform promotion: Deposit for a 20% bonus (up to 2000 USD bonus limit)

I. Email Transfer (Applicable only to accounts opened within the last three days and without any transactions)

Email template:

Recipient: cn.aff@trading-point.com

CC: cn@gufx.com

Subject: Newly opened account not assigned under agent, request to transfer to agent's account

Content: Hello, my newly added XM sub-account, account number: XXXXX, due to an operational issue was not linked to the agent A1010089 (hongxing zheng), hence I request that this account is added under agent A1010089.

II. Adding New Trading Accounts for Transfer (Applicable for customers who have traded under another agent)

1. Copy the rebate network transfer link: https://clicks.pipaffiliates.com/c?c=231527&l=zh-hans&p=0

2. Log in to the member area, and click to add a new account, as shown below


3. Choose whether to open an MT4 or MT5 account


4. Choose the needed account type (if unsure, consult online customer service)


5. If there are no special requirements, the default option is sufficient

(Special note: When trading, use the deposited amount first, followed by the bonus amount. No commission is given for the bonus part of the trade. If you do not want the bonus, please select no. If opting for the bonus, deposit for a 20% bonus.)


6. Set your trading password, please remember it!


7. Adding a new account successfully places the new account under the rebate network agent.

Next, you can proceed to bind the account in the rebate network's backend. After the rebate network staff verifies successfully, you can deposit, trade, and earn commissions!


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