LPL Trade Review: Is LPL Trade Forex broker a scam?


LPL Trade is an online forex broker established in 2021. Is this broker trustworthy? The article provides a detailed review to offer investors valuable insights

What is LPL Trade?

LPL Trade is an online forex broker established in 2021, with its physical entity, LPL Trade Ltd., registered in Saint Lucia. The company offers a variety of trading instruments, including forex, commodities, stocks, and thematic investments. LPL Trade provides three types of trading accounts: FIXED, STANDARDVIP, and ZEROVIP. The primary trading platform utilized by the broker is MetaTrader 4, available for desktop, mobile download, and web access. The broker has a restricted operational scope and does not offer its services to residents in regions such as the United States, Canada, Japan, Indonesia, Turkey, and others.

This article aims to conduct an in-depth evaluation of LPL Trade, uncovering key information for readers. Whether you are a novice investor or an experienced trading professional, we will present concise and organized information to help you gain a comprehensive understanding of various aspects of this broker. If you are interested, continue reading for a thorough review!

Is LPL Trade Safe and legit? Does LPL Trade have the necessary regulatory licenses?

Registration Information:

LPL Trade Ltd is registered in Saint Lucia with the company registration number 2023-00258. The detailed registered address is Ground Floor, The Sotheby Building, Rodney Village, Rodney Bay, Gros-Islet, Saint Lucia, with its operational office located in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. The broker's official domain was registered on July 8, 2021, indicating that it has been registered for approximately 3 years.

LPL Trade的域名年限查询

Regulatory Information:

It can be confirmed that LPL Trade does not hold a valid regulatory license. On its official website, LPL Trade lists regulatory information, high-quality services, and high liquidity as its competitive advantages. LPL Trade claims to be regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, with the regulatory number 1345 LLC 2021. However, is this claim accurate? To verify the authenticity of LPL Trade's regulation, we first checked for the broker in the Financial Services Authority (FSA) of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, and there were no search results indicating the existence of this broker.

The Financial Services Authority (FSA) of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines does not regulate forex brokers. According to the official website of SVG FSA, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines do not provide regulatory licenses for forex trading activities. This implies that the forex broker LPL Trade, registered in this region, is not regulated by the SVG FSA.

For forex traders, it is essential to exercise caution, as unregulated brokers may not adhere to the financial safety and operational standards applicable to regulated financial institutions. Dealing with unregulated brokers exposes investors to increased risks, including concerns regarding the safety of funds and the fairness of trading practices.

LPL Trade官网的监管信息

LPL Trade的监管查询

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Trading Products:

LPL Trade offers a diverse range of trading products, catering to traders with various interests and strategies. The primary trading instruments include:

  1. Forex: LPL Trade facilitates the trading of various currency pairs, providing traders with opportunities to access the world's largest financial market. Involving the buying and selling of currency pairs from different countries, forex trading operates as a highly liquid market, active 24 hours a day.
  2. Commodities: Traders on LPL Trade can engage in the trading of a variety of commodities, such as gold, silver, and oil. These globally traded commodities are often considered as instruments for hedging against inflation or economic uncertainty.
  3. Stock Indices: The platform offers trading in major stock indices, including the S&P 500 and Dow Jones Industrial Average. Stock index trading enables investors to participate in the performance of the entire market or specific market segments.
  4. Thematic Investments: LPL Trade provides opportunities for thematic investments, covering a spectrum of cutting-edge and traditional industries. This includes areas like 5G, cloud computing, esports, FAANG (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Google), finance and banking, healthcare, metaverse, and semiconductors.

Risk Warning: It's crucial to note that LPL Trade lacks valid regulation. The broker may not adhere to specific industry standards and regulatory requirements, potentially rendering its financial services unreliable. Investors should exercise caution when using LPL Trade for trading and thoroughly understand the potential risks associated with their transactions.

LPL Trade的交易品种

Trading Software:

LPL Trade offers users the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) trading platform, designed to meet the needs of both novice and experienced traders. MT4 is renowned for its automated trading capabilities, enhancing the trading experience by integrating advanced online technological features. Additionally, MT4's technical analysis tools provide traders with free charts and indicators to identify trading signals and price patterns, empowering them to make informed decisions. MT4 also supports cross-platform functionality, allowing traders to manage their trading accounts on portable devices without compromising the functionality of the MetaTrader 4 platform. Available for desktop, mobile, and web versions, MT4 ensures traders can choose the most suitable trading method based on their preferences and requirements.

LPL Trade的交易平台

Account Types:

Real & Demo Accounts:

LPL Trade offers various types of real trading accounts, namely FIXED accounts, STANDARD VIP accounts, and ZERO VIP accounts. The FIXED account provides a fixed spread of 1.8 pips, supporting micro lot trading with a minimum volume of 0.01, and offers leverage of up to 1:400 depending on market conditions. The STANDARD VIP account features a variable spread that can go as low as 1.1 pips, includes a broader range of currency pairs and index trading options. For ZERO VIP accounts, the key feature is zero spread trading, although it incurs a minimum commission, the specific amount of which is not explicitly stated. Each of these account types caters to different trading needs and strategies.

In addition to real accounts, LPL Trade also provides a simulated or demo account. This allows users to practice and test their trading strategies without exposing themselves to the risks associated with real funds. This type of account is particularly suitable for beginners or experienced traders looking to experiment with new trading strategies.

LPL Trade的账户类型


LPL Trade offers leverage of up to 1:400, a ratio considered quite high in the trading industry. High leverage can amplify the gains and losses of traders, but it also increases the level of risk. Therefore, while high leverage provides traders with a greater potential for profits, it also requires a more careful management of risks.

Spread and Commission

The spreads and commissions vary among different account types. The FIXED account features a fixed spread of 1.8 pips, the STANDARD VIP account has a variable spread as low as 1.1 pips, and the ZERO VIP account, while offering zero spreads, incurs a minimum commission.

Minimum Deposit

The specific details regarding the minimum deposit requirements for LPL Trade are not explicitly disclosed. While LPL Trade offers various types of real accounts, such as FIXED accounts, STANDARD VIP accounts, and ZERO VIP accounts, as well as a demo account for traders to practice, the precise information regarding the minimum deposit requirements for these accounts is currently unavailable.

Deposit and Withdrawal

The absence of explicit details on deposit and withdrawal services on the official LPL Trade website makes it challenging to evaluate these aspects. This lack of transparency in financial transactions could serve as a cautionary note for potential investors, as it is crucial to be informed about any associated fees and processing times related to financial transactions before making investments.

LPL Trade Log In

To log in to LPL Trade, you can generally follow these steps:

  1. Visit the website: Visit the LPL Trade official website.
  2. Enter login details: Input your username and password in the designated login area.
  3. Access your account: Once logged in, you will be able to access your trading account, enabling you to execute trades, check account balances, and view transaction history, among other functionalities.
LPL Trade的账户登录

Customer Support

Customer Support at LPL Trade is offered through two channels: telephone and email, catering to various customer communication preferences. The official website supports English and Vietnamese only, which may pose an inconvenience for customers who communicate in other languages. This language limitation could impact some potential users' understanding of the platform's features and services.

LPL Trade的客户支持

Educational Resources

LPL Trade's educational resources comprise two main components: e-books covering topics such as trading, investment strategies, and financial market analysis, as well as a glossary of Contract for Difference (CFD) terms. CFDs are popular financial derivatives that allow traders to invest in the price movements of assets without owning the actual assets. The purpose of these resources is to provide education and information, assisting users in gaining a better understanding and participation in the financial markets.

User Reports

Users have reported issues with withdrawal difficulties on LPL Trade, raising concerns among investors about its operational integrity. Before making any investment decisions, it is strongly advised to carefully review the platform information provided to ensure the safety of your funds. If you have encountered similar fraudulent activities while using LPL Trade or any other brokerage, or if you have been a victim of such brokers, feel free to expose the platform to us. Our expert team will do their best to assist you and resolve the issues you may be facing.

Corporate Employee

LPL Trade has disclosed information about two key corporate employees online, aiding users in gaining a better understanding of the company's leadership team. This information includes details about their professional backgrounds, experiences, and expertise in the financial industry.

LPL Trade的企业职员

Pros And Cons of LPL Trade


  1. Diverse Range of Trading Instruments: LPL Trade offers a variety of trading instruments, including forex currency pairs, commodities, gold, silver, oil, stocks, and cryptocurrency Contracts for Difference (CFDs).
  2. Advanced Trading Platform: LPL Trade utilizes the widely popular MetaTrader 4 (MT4) trading platform, available on PC, web, and mobile, and also provides PTS WebTrader, offering traders a convenient trading experience.
  3. Flexible Trading Conditions: The platform allows for a minimum trade size of 0.01 and offers a maximum leverage of 400:1, potentially attracting traders seeking high-risk investment opportunities.


  1. Lack of Effective Regulation: LPL Trade operates as an unregulated forex broker, exposing users to potential financial risks when depositing funds on the platform.
  2. Transparency Issues: The platform lacks detailed information about its operational and management teams, increasing uncertainty and risk associated with trading on the platform.
  3. Security Concerns: Due to the absence of regulation, LPL Trade raises concerns regarding fund security and protection of customer information.
  4. Withdrawal Difficulties: Many users have reported difficulties with withdrawals, including demands for additional trades, high withdrawal fees, or communication disruptions.
  5. Potential Fraud Risk: There are suspicions about LPL Trade being a fraudulent platform, mainly due to unrealistic promises of investment returns that often attract inexperienced traders.

Website Traffic Analysis of LPL Trade

The analysis of LPL Trade's website traffic provides valuable insights into its online performance and user behavior. According to the data, the total number of website visits is below 5,000, with a global ranking of only 12,573,251, indicating a limited global impact. However, the website holds a ranking of 255,696 in Vietnam, suggesting a certain level of recognition and audience in that specific region.

The website's bounce rate is 32.27%, indicating that around one-third of visitors exit the site after viewing a single page. Additionally, all visits are reported to be from PC devices, suggesting a user preference for desktop devices over mobile devices when accessing the website.

LPL Trade网站流量


LPL Trade is an unregulated forex broker, and investors should exercise caution regarding the financial services it offers. The broker provides FIXED, STANDARD VIP, and ZERO VIP accounts with leverage as high as 1:400. While high leverage may attract those seeking high-risk trading opportunities, it significantly increases investment risks.

There are notable concerns about the broker's fund security and information transparency. Not only is the deposit and withdrawal channel undisclosed, but the minimum deposit requirement is also unknown. Additionally, LPL Trade faces issues with withdrawal difficulties, causing users to question its trustworthiness. Currently, Loyal Primus is flagged as "Suspected Fraud" on Traderknows. Considering the aforementioned issues, investors should approach trading with LPL Trade with extreme caution and consider seeking other platforms that are more reliable, transparent, and subject to robust regulation.


Q1: Is LPL Trade regulated?

A: No, it has been verified that this broker lacks a valid regulatory license.

Q2: Are there any geographical restrictions on LPL Trade?

A: Yes. LPL Trade does not offer services to residents of certain countries and regions, including the United States, Canada, Japan, Indonesia, Turkey, Israel, and Iran.

Q3: Does LPL Trade provide a demo account?

A: Yes.

Q4: Does LPL Trade support MT4 & MT5?

A: LPL Trade supports MT4.

Q5: Is LPL Trade suitable for beginners?

A: Not recommended. Despite effective advertising, it lacks proper regulation, and even information on the minimum deposit requirement is unclear.

Q6: When was LPL Trade established, and what is the minimum deposit requirement?

A: Founded in 2021, the minimum deposit has not been disclosed.

Q7: Where is LPL Trade headquartered?

A: Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

Q8: What are the deposit and withdrawal methods for LPL Trade?

A: Deposit and withdrawal methods are not disclosed.

Q9: How does LPL Trade perform in terms of security?

A: As an unregulated investment platform, LPL Trade has significant issues with fund security and lacks disclosure of relevant banking information.

Q10: How can funds be withdrawn from LPL Trade?

A: Withdrawal requests should be submitted promptly, as an unregulated broker cannot guarantee fund security. These brokers may intentionally delay the withdrawal process, making it difficult for users to apply for refunds in a timely manner, potentially resulting in unsuccessful fund recovery.

Q11: What should be done if LPL Trade refuses to refund a deposit?

A: If you have deposited funds but they refuse to refund, retain emails as evidence showing your continuous request for a refund.

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Risk Warning and Disclaimer

The market carries risks, and investment should be cautious. This article does not constitute personal investment advice and has not taken into account individual users' specific investment goals, financial situations, or needs. Users should consider whether any opinions, viewpoints, or conclusions in this article are suitable for their particular circumstances. Investing based on this is at one's own responsibility.

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