Pre-Market News Recap and Analysis for Jan 5th


This article provides a detailed summary of the significant pre-market news and offers interpretations and analyses of these developments for January 5th.

1. Seventeen departments have recently jointly issued the "Data Elements × Three-Year Action Plan (2024-2026)" to fully leverage the multiplier effect of data elements.

Interpretation: In the realm of data elements, upstream data supply primarily involves data resource holders and data service providers. Data resource holders mainly include governments, data integrators, and various industry enterprises, with examples like Shanghai Steel Union representing the commodity industry. Data service providers encompass data collection, storage, processing, and analysis, etc.

In the midstream, various processes such as registration, pricing, and transaction settlement come into play, with entities like Zhejiang Big Data Trading Center functioning as significant data trading centers.

Downstream data elements find applications across various sectors, with a current focus on government, finance, taxation, and others.

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  1. Data Elements + Industrial Manufacturing: 300687, Digiwin, 600845.
  2. Data Elements + Technology: 603613, 603466, Farben, 301052.
  3. Data Elements + Xinhuanet,People's Daily Online, 601858, Visual China Group.
  4. Data Elements + Emergency Management: 300523、002512.

2. Large-cap tech stocks in the US continue to decline, with the Nasdaq falling for the fifth consecutive trading day.

QuantumScape, a solid-state battery concept stock, surged over 43%, reaching its highest point since August of last year.

Comment: Early trading may warrant attention in the A-share solid-state battery sector.

3. The Ministry of Emergency Management and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology have issued guidance on accelerating the development of emergency robots.

Comment: The humanoid robot industry continues to receive positive signals, making it one of the key sectors to watch in the coming years.

Concept stocks include Huazhong Numerical Control, Ao Jiahua, Boshi Shares, Robots, and Tuosida, among others.

4. Huawei has recently issued a significant increase in orders for key components, specifically CMOS image sensors (CIS), for its foldable phones. Reportedly, Huawei has set aggressive shipment targets for foldable phones this year, planning to increase shipments from 2.6 million in 2023 to as high as 7 to 10 million units, nearly tripling the highest growth rate. Foldable phones have become one of the few growth points in the industry.

Comment: Huawei's intensified procurement of foldable phone components underscores its positive outlook and high expectations for the foldable phone market.

Additionally, Huawei will host a significant HarmonyOS event in Shenzhen on January 18, unveiling new chapters in the HarmonyOS ecosystem and HarmonyOS NEXT.

Pure HarmonyOS concepts showed some performance on Thursday but should not be chased higher.

The consumer electronics sector is also experiencing a year of recovery, with the overall sector performing well in 2023.

5. On Thursday, ABC, CNOOC, China Yangtze Power, and Ninghu High-speed Rail reached historical highs, while China Shenhua refreshed multi-year highs not seen since 2008.

In the recent period, dividend-themed sectors such as banking, petroleum and petrochemicals, utilities, transportation, and coal have shown strong trends. Large funds tend to prioritize quality and safety in such sectors.

Among stocks with a total market value exceeding CNY 100 billion, 17 stocks have a dividend yield exceeding 5%. Whenever market risk appetite decreases, stocks with stable profits become safe havens.

The dividend sector has been repeatedly mentioned in recent articles, and it is hoped that it will receive attention.



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A dividend is a cash payment or stock distribution by a listed company to its shareholders, representing a portion of its profits.

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