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Currently, MT5 still holds a relative advantage in acquiring second-hand licenses; otherwise, given the current situation for applying for new licenses, it's quite unpredictable what strategies the officials may adopt. Therefore, if a clean second-hand license is available in the market, it definitely offers absolute advantages in terms of cost and setup timeline.

Moreover, considering the cost for a primary license on MT5, time is money. The application process for a new license can take months at least, and the preparatory work that can be done during the waiting period is limited. Hence, securing a second-hand license is indeed a very ideal strategy!

For forex investors, forex brokers, or liquidity providers, the forex trading platform is crucial. Forex investors and brokers need to trade and operate through the platform, while liquidity providers also need to connect with it. The platform offers various services including market viewing, simulations, and data analysis, facilitating activities for all three parties and also generating profits from it.

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The most popular trading platforms among investors currently include MT4 and MT5, both released by the Russian company MetaQuotes Software. MT5 is an upgraded version developed based on MT4, offering a more complex version with higher technology, richer content, and functionality.

Firstly, the MT5 trading platform offers a higher variety of tradable assets. It supports financial products, including stocks, futures options, spot commodities, forex, CFDs, etc., improving market information to provide investors with a more comprehensive range of financial product quotes and trading opportunities, enriching investors’ choices, and reducing the risk of concentrating on a single product. The variety of tradable assets benefits investors and also attracts more customers to the platform.

Furthermore, the MT5 trading platform has added and enhanced many functions. It features twenty-one timeframes for trend charts, over seventy technical indicators, nineteen drawing tools, four scaling modes, multiple execution methods and order types, more pending order options, and a more powerful EA testing function (supporting multi-currency EA tests). With these enhanced and new functions, the MT5 platform can present more comprehensive market information, offer better conditions for more complex analysis, provide more order strategies for investors, and ultimately, offer more choices and expand the operational space for investors. Moreover, the MetaQuotes' flagship MT5 platform also offers an improvement over the MT4 platform, with built-in bridging technology, allowing brokers using the MT5 platform to avoid searching for third-party bridging technology providers and save a lot of costs.

Lastly, the MT5 platform has improved its technical capabilities with faster processing speeds. In terms of programming, the MT5 trading platform supports the C++ programming language, which is more convenient and quicker, thus a boon for C++ enthusiasts. Besides, the next-generation programming language MetaQuotesLanguage5, compared to MetaQuotesLanguage4, can achieve faster processing speeds and adapts well to programming tasks. The technical advancements of the MT5 trading platform strengthen the conviction of professional investors in their choice.

In conclusion, with richer functionalities, faster speed, and stronger technical support, the MT5 trading platform can provide more comprehensive services to investors while reducing the costs for forex brokers. The MT5 forex trading platform has high compatibility, making it an unrivaled choice not only for beginners but also for professionals or experienced investors. Although most brokers currently use the MT4 platform, it is believed that as time progresses, the MT5 trading platform will be increasingly discovered and utilized by more brokers.

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