What does forex rebate mean? How do you get a forex rebate from an agent?


What is forex rebate? A forex rebate means that when a client engages in forex investment, a portion of the service fee deducted by the brokerage during the transaction is returned to the client. This is done to reduce the client's trading costs.

What does forex rebate mean? How to get forex broker rebate?

What is a forex rebate? A forex rebate means that during forex investments, a part of the commission fee charged by the brokerage firm is returned to the client through the agent (or intermediary) to reduce the client's trading costs.

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A commission is a reward paid to an agent or broker for introducing business or acting on behalf of a client. In forex trading, the commission is the agent's remuneration. However, the agent voluntarily shares part of the commission with the client, calculated on each transaction basis, to reduce trading costs and attract more clients. A common practice is for agents to return commissions to forex traders.

Typically, forex rebates are transferred directly to the client's trading account, or to the client's Alipay, online banking, WeChat, etc., and the rebate is usually processed quickly. Commissions can be withdrawn in RMB or USD. Some brokers have more complex rebate methods.

Brokers and agents often sign a cooperation agreement outlining the agreed rebate conditions and cycles, ensuring compliance and legality. However, rebates between agents and clients are often only verbally agreed upon, with cycles possibly settled monthly, potentially leading to breaches.

Therefore, it is recommended for clients with large funds and trading volumes to sign formal rebate agreements with their agents to avoid disputes without proof.

How to get a forex broker rebate?

1: Clarify the rebate cycle and method. (If your withdrawals are substantial, it's best to require a written rebate agreement).

2: Be aware that rebates involve obtaining an exclusive link from an agent, with all account-opening actions done on the service platform's official website.

3: Is there a professional rebate processing system? A large client base is necessary to maintain the operation costs of an agent. Thus, a professional processing system is especially necessary.

What are the forms and cycles of rebates?

Form: Direct transfer to the client's trading account; transfer to the client's Alipay, online bank, etc.

Cycle: Weekly rebates, monthly rebates, as agreed with the agent.


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Tutorial for obtaining commission: Please refer to "Product Services" - "Detailed Process of Obtaining Commission" (Be sure to check).

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