🌐Aicheng Technology🌐 One-stop setup and maintenance of MT5MT4 platforms


Forex resources: MT5/MT4 setup, brand transfers, ST5/FX6/Tradingweb offers, exchange/shopping platform setup, blockchain/forex licenses, corporate accounts, overseas proxy registration, large currency exchanges. 24/7 tech support.

Aizheng Technology's Advantages Include:

  1. MT4, MT5 Main Label Operation & Maintenance Management + Round-the-Clock Service
  2. CRM Development and Training
  3. MT4 MT5 White Label Leasing and Sales
  4. Customer Relationship Management System PAMM
  5. MAM Tracking & Profit Sharing System
  6. Application for Regulatory Licenses in Various Countries
  7. Financial Website Development
  8. Server Resource Integration and Planning

Our Main Products and Projects:

  1. Fast, detailed, and complete setup of MT4, MT5, improving service levels through new technologies and processes, perfecting independent management of financial markets
  2. A comprehensive regulatory system, emphasizing both supervision and management
  3. Assisting and protecting retailers and customers in financial operations
  4. Focusing on investor rights protection, establishing the FOS dispute resolution institution
  5. Strict penalties for any legal violations
  6. More open and fair information disclosure, ensuring the public interest
  7. Absolute confidentiality, never interfering with client funds transactions!

Choose Aizheng for a win-win situation; our professional team combined with 24*7 attentive customer service will quickly elevate your platform!

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MT4, formally known as MetaTrader 4, is an immensely popular online trading platform developed by MetaQuotes Software, primarily used for Forex (Foreign Exchange) trading.

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