Digital Wallets Propel Payment Innovation: Expected to Account for 50% of Global Sales by 2027


By 2027, digital wallets will drive 50% of global transactions, especially in Brazil and India, fueled by convenience, security, tech advancements, and consumer demand, with support from government investments.

Digital wallets are rapidly rising globally, becoming a major driver for both online and physical store sales. By 2027, digital wallets are expected to account for nearly 50% of online and POS sales. This growth trend is fueled by shifts in consumer preferences and continuous technological advancements.

The rise of digital wallets in economies like Brazil and India is noteworthy, driven by the growing demand for instant payment services. In Brazil, instant payment services like Pix are extremely popular due to their convenience, speed, and reliability. This trend reflects consumers' pursuit of convenient, quick, and secure payment methods, with digital wallets becoming the ideal choice to meet these needs. As digital payments become more common, consumers and businesses in these economies benefit from the convenience and efficiency gains offered by digital wallets.


Gabriel de Montessus, the global business leader at Worldpay, points out that digital wallets are actually a mechanism driving the shift from cash to other payment types. The success of digital wallets owes largely to their ease of use, accessibility, and enhanced security measures, which have built trust and confidence among consumers. Digital wallets enable more convenient payments, whether using credit cards, debit cards, or account-to-account (A2A) payments. This transition has boosted the popularity and development of digital payment methods, providing significant momentum for constructing the modern payment ecosystem.

Although digital wallets have been around since the late 1990s, the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated their adoption. Preferences for digital wallets vary across regions, with places like Brazil, India, and the Netherlands experiencing a surge in alternative payment methods, like account-to-account transactions, driven by government investments and consumer demand.


The integration of digital wallets into points of sale not only simplifies the online checkout process but also provides a unified experience for various payment methods. With accelerated development in commerce and payments by businesses and governments, global investment in real-time payment infrastructure is expected to rise, further accelerating the adoption of digital wallets. This trend will bring a more efficient, convenient payment experience to consumers and businesses and help promote the universal acceptance and development of digital payments worldwide.

In the payment ecosystem, collaboration among stakeholders will offer a better payment experience for consumers and merchants while fostering continuous innovation and value creation. As technology advances and the market evolves, digital wallets are anticipated to become one of the dominant forms of global payment. This trend will advance the payment industry towards more convenient, efficient, and secure directions, supporting the digital transformation of the global economy and offering consumers more diverse and flexible payment options.



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