Jan 3rd pre-market: News analysis and stock opportunities


After the first setback since the beginning of the year, how is the market situation and outlook on January 3rd? Let's take a look together.

1. Index Direction:

In the short term, expect oscillations; the Shanghai Composite Index has broken the support of its long-term trend line:


Currently experiencing a rebound after the break, still trapped in the downward channel. The spring market is expected, but patience is essential. The wave pattern remains a C-wave downward, and the short-term index is not objective.

The downside in the next drop is limited, but fluctuations before the Spring Festival may be challenging. When building positions in the index, proceed gradually, focusing on emotions and themes.

Short-term Sentiment Direction:

In recent times, sentiment and the index act like a seesaw – the worse the index, the more aggressive the group buying.

Asia Pacific Optoelectronics has 9 boards; the "Dulong" board may peak, possibly exceeding market expectations. Keep a close eye on it for short-term trading; if it breaks, mid-cap stocks may experience a collective decline.

The market is fermenting in the direction of lightweight materials such as acrylic acid, with concept stocks like Shuangxiang Stock reversing and hitting the limit-up, possibly targeting higher levels. In the back row, LiDing has 4 boards with expectations of promotion.

Three stocks on the 3-board have a higher likelihood of promotion. In the virtual reality concept, a new stock, Bojie, with META as a major client and a small float, may perform well on Wednesday.

News Summary:

From January 15, the global container shipping giant CMA-CGM will raise container shipping fees from Asia to the Mediterranean by a maximum of 100%.

The Red Sea incident continues to escalate, with the global shipping giant Maersk being attacked upon its return to the Red Sea over the weekend, forcing a two-day suspension of its resumption plans.

Domestically, there is a phenomenon of empty flights at ports, and China-Europe freight trains are fully booked. In futures and securities markets, European futures hit the limit-up, with the overall sector performing well, led by Ningbo Ocean Shipping, with China COSCO as the core.

Hong Kong Exchange (HKEX) documents show that Moxuebingcheng Co., Ltd. has submitted an application for listing.

Dongbei Group (601956), with the world's highest sales of refrigerator compressors, holds core technology, and occupies 50% of Moxuebingcheng's first supply share, making it the primary supplier.

Icesnow (000530) is an important partner of Moxuebingcheng, supplying a series of refrigeration products. Jiahe Food (605300) supplies Moxuebingcheng with plant-based fat powder products.

Jialian Technology (301193) is one of the suppliers of dining utensils for Moxuebingcheng.

Starting from March, China and Thailand will permanently exempt each other's citizens from visas. Looking at New Year's travel data, the situation has essentially returned to normal, with per capita consumption surpassing pre-pandemic levels.

There is a growing enthusiasm among people in southern China, known as "Golden Beans," traveling north to Harbin to see ice and snow. Domestic tourism has fully recovered, and outbound tourism is gradually resuming.

The visa exemption between China and Thailand is just the beginning, with many other tourist countries possibly following suit. Some listed companies see business opportunities.

After Tuesday's market close, two companies, Zhongyuan Inner (002448) and Xinqi Micro (688630), announced plans to invest and build in Thailand.

Zhongxin Tourism (002707) is a professional outbound tourism operator, with the company's main outbound travel products comprising four major tourism product series.

Additionally, China International Travel Service (CITS), Caesars Tourism, and others also have outbound tourism projects. There have been positive performances during Tuesday's intraday trading.


However, the performance of Dalian Shengya (600593), focusing on the ice and snow tourism concept, was not good today.


This direction is not suitable for chasing high prices; proceed cautiously.

CES, known as the "Spring Festival Gala" of consumer electronics, will be held from January 9 to 12, with an expected attendance of over 1.3 million people, more than 3,500 exhibitors, and over 1,000 startups.

Points of interest:

(1) AI: NVIDIA will have 14 on-site speeches, and CEO Huang Renxun will deliver a special speech at CES, announcing the latest breakthroughs in generative AI.

The overall speeches will cover generative AI, metaverse, robots, smart cars, game design, and other hot topics. In terms of hardware, there may also be the release of three new consumer-oriented graphics card models.

(2) AIPC: Intel is actively accelerating the layout of AI PCs in collaboration with OEM manufacturers. It is expected that brands such as Lenovo, Acer, ASUS, Dell, HP, and MSI will showcase their AI PC products.

(3) MR: Some manufacturers, including domestic MR manufacturers, may preemptively release MR products at the CES exhibition.

(4) Smart Driving: Reports suggest that Mercedes-Benz will release the latest generation of human-machine interaction systems during CES 2024, using the Unreal rendering engine.

Voice assistants will also integrate AI capabilities, upgrading to provide natural interaction as a "virtual assistant." Additionally, LG will showcase automotive transparent antennas at CES 2024; transparent film-type antennas can be directly applied to car glass.

Pre-market Outlook:

Indices may oscillate or consolidate; ignore indices and focus on sector rotation and concept stocks. It's challenging to predict winners among several concept sectors pre-market; wait for bidding results to identify directions favored by capital.

At this time, entering the daily dragon limit may be difficult; consider seeking first boards in the back row. Do not fear index adjustments; increasing excitement with each drop is advisable.

The Maotai Index has fallen by nearly half in the past two years, underperforming the Wande All A Index by 27 percentage points.

Fund-heavy stocks have seen a decline of 28% in the past two years, and the valuation of white-chip stocks is at a historical low, highlighting cost-effectiveness. If the decline continues, it will be a rare opportunity for building positions in the coming years!

Risk Warning and Disclaimer

The market carries risks, and investment should be cautious. This article does not constitute personal investment advice and has not taken into account individual users' specific investment goals, financial situations, or needs. Users should consider whether any opinions, viewpoints, or conclusions in this article are suitable for their particular circumstances. Investing based on this is at one's own responsibility.

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