Market Insights: Dec 29th, 2023


Today's market insight relates to stock market and investment updates, economic policies, corporate developments, and global market trends.

Stock Market and Investments:

  1. AH shares show a divergent trend, with the technology index rising while the Shanghai Composite Index opens slightly lower. The photovoltaic sector remains active, and offshore RMB strengthens by 280 points.
  2. The Japanese stock market may achieve its largest annual gain since 2013; the U.S. stock market is approaching historic highs again.
  3. Offshore RMB surpasses the 7.1 mark, reaching a new high since June this year.
  4. U.S. retail giants Costco and Walmart start selling gold and silver, driving up gold prices.
  5. Chairman Gao Bin of Jinglin Yuan has been arrested, and the case is under further investigation.
  6. Is ChatGPT facing destruction? GPT-4 is alleged to copy text verbatim; OpenAI may face compensation claims in the billions.

Economic Policies and Outlook:

  1. Interest rates for the most common type of U.S. home loans have dropped for the ninth consecutive week, reaching the lowest level since May.
  2. Vietnam's economic growth for 2023 slows to 5.05%.
  3. The U.S. dollar ends a two-year winning streak, with market speculation of a rate cut in 2024.
  4. The U.S. proposes to the G7 to discuss the confiscation of frozen $300 billion worth of Russian assets.

Corporate Developments:

  1. Huawei expects sales revenue to exceed CNY 700 billion in 2023.
  2. India has blocked the websites of nine cryptocurrency exchanges, including Binance, preventing access for users within the country.
  3. Lei Jun acknowledges the high pricing of Xiaomi's first car, SU7, leading to a more than 3% drop in Xiaomi's stock price today.
  4. Nvidia launches a new graphics card for the Chinese market to circumvent U.S. sanctions.

Global Markets and Commodities:

  1. Oil prices end a record streak due to demand concerns, set to decline by 10% this year.
  2. Hong Kong (China) and India jointly crack a transnational money laundering case in the gemstone trade, involving an amount as high as $500 million.


Risk Warning and Disclaimer

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