Dec 28 Stock Recap: Short-term positive, cost-effective.


The stock market welcomed a long-lost warm sun on December 28. Where did this sudden warm breeze come from, and how long will it last?

1、A rare bullish market, 13.5 billion net inflow from the north:

Thursday's surge resulted from substantial fund inflow.

Despite the early correction of the Shanghai 1000, the Shanghai 300 and 50 indices resisted, leading to an accelerated rise in major stocks like Maotai, Ningde, and Dongcai, reversing market sentiment.

A single bullish candle, a show of strength. However, nearing the New Year and with relatively tight funds, coupled with increased volume today, Friday may see fluctuations as we await the arrival of 2024.

2、Short-term sentiment direction:

The top performer, Asia Pacific Photoelectric, a 7-board stock, features silicon-based OLED, e-paper, LiDAR, and a high percentage of overseas sales.

While it may have the probability of consecutive board locking due to the index surge, its cost-effectiveness is average. Qingyuan shares, a 6-board stock in the photovoltaic (PV) and BIPV sector, stood out on Thursday.

As a leader in the PV sector, Qingyuan is expected to see consecutive board locking on Friday. Silicon wafer prices, like lithium carbonate prices, continue to decline as the year-end approaches.

Despite a harsh winter for silicon wafer prices, the stock market often bottoms before commodity prices. This pattern is evident in the PV and lithium battery industries. Silicon wafers may continue to fall, but the stock prices of related companies have likely bottomed out.

A similar trend is observed in the lithium battery sector, with institutions supporting companies like Jiangte Motor and Tibet Mining.

For instance, Dual Elephant, a 4-board stock focusing on MR, virtual reality, and PMMA materials.

The impending release of Apple's MR head-mounted device, Vision Pro, has generated mixed opinions. Expectations are being hyped before the official product launch, with sales not being the primary focus.

There are 7 two-board stocks, including AI PC's SmartMicro Intelligent, PV's Zhongke Cloud Network, and new entrant Anbang Guard, and smart grid's Shenma Electric Power.

As the market tends to experience slight fluctuations after a bullish candle, active funds are likely to focus on hot sectors for short-term speculation.

Leaders in hot sectors are the preferred targets, followed by those listed on the Beijing Exchange, GEM, and the STAR Market, where the trading unit is 30cm. For example, PV equipment surged today, with 6 stocks, including King Long PV, locking in a gain of more than 20 cm.


The index is in a mid-to-long-term bottom zone, but if Friday's volume fails to sustain, we may continue to see fluctuations.

Short-term sentiment is positive, focusing on tier-one and tier-two stocks for speculation.

Observation targets for the index direction:

PV - Sunshine Power, DeYou Shares, Longi Green Energy, and Tongwei Co.

Lithium Battery - CATL, Tibet Mining, Jiangte Motor.

Brokerage - East Money, Huaxin Shares.

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