HTFX Invited to 2023 Taipei International Financial Expo


HTFX Brokerage was invited to participate in the 2023 Taipei International Financial Expo, showcasing its innovations and strengths in the field of financial technology. The event provided an opportunity for in-depth interaction and communication with attendees.

The 2023 Taipei International Financial Expo, a three-day event, has attracted financial institutions, businesses, scholars, and investors from around the world. It showcased the latest in financial technology, products, and services while delving into hot topics such as sustainable investments, digital finance, and financial literacy. This expo served as a crucial platform for Taiwan's financial industry to demonstrate its recovery and vitality post-pandemic, highlighting the market's dynamism and potential.

HTFX Brokerage, established in 2001, is a forex brokerage holding licenses from the UK's FCA and Cyprus. It provides a high-quality trading and financial environment for global clients, leading the financial industry into a new era of financial technology. The founder and team of HTFX are seasoned professionals in the forex industry with decades of experience and expertise. HTFX serves a diverse clientele, with offices in the UK, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Cyprus, Thailand, Taiwan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, and more.


HTFX offers a diverse range of CFD products, including currency pairs, gold, oil, energy, US stocks, cryptocurrencies, and more. This allows clients to choose investment assets based on their preferences and risk tolerance. HTFX Brokerage utilizes STP/ECN technology to connect with top-tier banks and liquidity providers, ensuring excellent depth of liquidity for global clients. This guarantees the fairness and transparency of transactions, reduces trading costs and slippage, and enhances trading efficiency and execution speed.


HTFX provides a diverse range of account types, deposit and withdrawal channels, community copy-trading platforms, PAMM, and other services to meet the varied needs of different clients. Whether clients are beginners or seasoned traders, they can find the most suitable trading methods and tools at HTFX Brokerage. Clients can also benefit from professional customer service and technical support, ensuring they have the most comprehensive investment and financial experience to help their assets grow steadily.


HTFX Brokerage was invited to showcase its innovations and strengths in financial technology at the 2023 Taipei International Financial Expo. The Asia-Pacific Regional Manager, Chen Guanhong, personally attended, sharing the brokerage's development and future prospects. Three renowned international financial trading educators—Roiee from Lions Investment Education Academy, Arwen from Forex Arwen, and MAX from Maxprofit Financial Technology—were invited to share their experiences with users, providing insights into international financial trading from different perspectives.





These three educators are experts and educators in international financial trading, possessing years of practical trading experience and rich teaching backgrounds. They covered foundational knowledge, technical analysis, risk management, trading systems, and trading psychology, helping users understand the operation and patterns of international financial markets. Users learned how to establish correct financial concepts and trading strategies, mitigate the risk of severe losses or scams, and improve the success rate and profitability of their trades.



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