1.11 Review: Index Dramatic Changes, ChiNext Takes the Lead


In investing, luck is important, but vision and experience are equally essential. Let's review today's major sectors together.

Index rebounded, ChiNext and tech innovation soared.

Shanghai Composite hit a low of 2867.72, close to the crucial 2863.65, lifted by an invisible force.

Wednesday's review hinted at today's surge, but the process differed. Expecting a breakthrough, the index rose without breaking first, suggesting Thursday's rebound isn't a reversal.


Emotional stability in continuous boards.
Long Bai Mountain weakened, reduced to 4 continuous boards.ZTE Business resisted massive selling pressure, with expectations of continued limit-up supported by companies like Guofang Group and Shen Zhonghua.

Hot sectors:

HarmonyOS concept surged, with over 10 stocks like Yuhua Electronics, Chuangshi Technology, and Constant Mountain North Bright Education hitting the limit.

CRO rose over 4%, driven by a research service agreement between CRDMO and BioNTech.

New energy stocks like lithium batteries surged, influenced by Core Lithium's announcement and a 6.4% rise in lithium carbonate futures.


Flying cars:
Xpeng's flying car showcased at CES, boosting stocks like Guangyang, Prince New Materials, and Wanfeng Owning to a novel concept, these stocks may see heightened activity.

Digital currency:
SEC approved 11 Bitcoin spot ETFs, pushing stocks like Zhidu and Jida Zhengyuan to the limit. Overshadowed by HarmonyOS, it's a defined rebound with premium gains in the front and followers chasing highs in the back.

Computing power and data elements:
High-tech development, Shenzhen Sangda, and Direct Truth Technology hit the limit.Despite the rebound, without breaking the downtrend, it's advisable to reduce holdings.

New retail:
Frontline promotion is strong, but the overall performance is average, with funds flowing into new energy and general technology.

If the index stagnates later, short-term funds may retract. Watch for adjustments during corrections.



ChiNext broke first, indicating a short-term bottom. Shanghai Composite's bottom features are unclear, and further declines may occur. Focus on fund inflows into sectors like new retail.

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