Monex Group completes the acquisition of shares in 3iQ Digital Holdings

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Monex acquires 3iQ shares, making it a subsidiary. Invests $7.5M in QMAP for 3iQ's growth, providing secure access to crypto funds.

Monex Group Co., Ltd. (Tokyo Stock Exchange Stock Code: 8698) announced the complete acquisition of 3iQ Digital Holdings, officially incorporating it as a subsidiary. This move further solidifies Monex's market position.

$7.5 million capital investment and enhancement of the QMAP platform

As part of the transaction, Monex will invest $7.5 million in the investment platform QMAP managed by 3iQ. QMAP is a highly secure, transparent, and efficient investment platform that provides access to various cryptocurrency hedge funds. These funds adopt alpha-oriented strategies, meeting the complex needs of global institutional investors. This investment will significantly strengthen 3iQ's position in the institutional digital asset management space.

Comments from Monex CEO Yuko Kiyoaki

Monex CEO Yuko Kiyoaki stated: "Through the investment in QMAP, the Monex Group will join an innovative investment platform, which will make QMAP a leading platform for sophisticated investors to invest in highly diversified cryptocurrency hedge funds."

Remarks from 3iQ President Pascal Saint-Jean

"Our team has extensive experience in alternative asset management and digital asset investment, and we are committed to maintaining a long tradition of developing cutting-edge investment solutions for institutional investors. Our goal is to create an excellent investment solution. The investor experience sets a new global standard," said 3iQ President Pascal Saint-Jean.

This strategic move is attracting attention within and outside the industry as an important step in shaping the future of fintech and investment.


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Acquisition refers to the process in which a company or individual gains control or ownership of a target company by purchasing its equity or assets.

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