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Early Life and Educational Background

LOYA is a renowned trading coach known for his innovative training methods, having made a profound impact on the field of financial trading. He graduated from the Finance Department of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, possessing a solid foundation in finance and market dynamics. His academic background laid a strong theoretical groundwork for his later career, allowing him to expertly navigate the financial sector.

Career Path

LOYA's career began in China's bustling financial markets. His exceptional trading skills and keen market insights quickly brought him into the limelight, making him a prominent trader and analyst. His expertise and practical abilities caught the attention of many renowned brokerage firms, leading to invitations to serve as a guest lecturer for several prestigious institutions. He is widely recognized for his ability to simplify complex financial concepts and for his practical trading strategies.

Social Media Influence

In addition to his offline teaching activities, LOYA also has a considerable influence on social media. His Douyin account "Loya Trading" (loyatrading) currently has 170,000 followers and has accumulated 64,000 likes. On Douyin, he has launched two video series, "Trader Bootcamp" and "Trader Incubator," where he shares trading knowledge and techniques through engaging short videos. These videos have not only increased his visibility but also provided valuable learning resources for many trading enthusiasts.

Innovation in Trading Systems

LOYA independently developed a trading system named M2, which encompasses multiple models such as A5, GIN, ICH, and LC. These models are widely applied in the securities, commodity futures, and options markets. Through these models, LOYA has systematized and modeled his 12 years of live trading experience, helping traders optimize their decision-making process and enhance trading efficiency. These models not only reflect market complexities but also demonstrate LOYA's deep understanding and precise forecasting ability of market dynamics.

Training Achievements

Over the past eight years, LOYA has focused on training professional traders, successfully cultivating hundreds of professional traders. These students have achieved remarkable results in practice, with some achieving an annual success rate of 100% and returns as high as 356%. These significant achievements not only prove the effectiveness of LOYA's training system but also highlight its immense value in practice. His training courses emphasize practical application, stressing the importance of skill improvement and market understanding through simulated and live trading.

Philosophy and Methodology

LOYA firmly believes that standing out in a fiercely competitive market requires scientific trading models and systematic training. His teaching methods focus on combining theory with practice, helping students deeply understand market dynamics and enhance trading skills through simulated and live trading. He advocates for a scientific approach to the market, emphasizing continuous learning and practice to improve one's capabilities.

LOYA's success lies not only in his personal trading abilities but also in his dedication and passion for trading education. By continuously innovating and improving his teaching system, he has helped countless trading enthusiasts achieve their professional dreams, becoming a mentor and role model in their eyes. In the future, LOYA will continue to be devoted to the field of trading education, helping more people achieve their trading dreams and creating greater social value.

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