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Dáire Ferguson

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Professional Background

Dáire Ferguson, as the CEO of AvaTrade, an online retail brokerage firm, has gained a significant standing with his leadership and strategic vision in the financial services industry. He holds degrees in Computing and Business from the University of Dublin, Ireland, and Lindenwood University, Missouri, USA. Prior to joining AvaTrade, Ferguson accumulated a wealth of experience in the financial sector.

Role and Achievements at AvaTrade

Ferguson joined AvaTrade in 2008 as the Director of Trading and Risk Management and eventually advanced to CEO. Under his leadership, AvaTrade has achieved remarkable growth and expansion. He has been particularly focused on addressing challenges and opportunities in volatile market conditions, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Strategic Expansion of AvaTrade

During Ferguson's tenure, AvaTrade's user base has significantly increased due to strategic product launches and expansion into new jurisdictions. In 2020, the company saw a substantial increase in user registrations due to the further reduction of bank interest rates and the impact of lockdowns. AvaTrade established operations in multiple international offices and secured a Class 3A license in Abu Dhabi.

Innovative Products and Customer Success

Ferguson has driven the launch of innovative products such as AvaSocial, AvaOptions, and AvaProtect, designed to make the online trading environment more exciting and accessible. These initiatives reflect his focus on enhancing the user experience for retail traders and maintaining customer success and retention.


Ferguson's leadership approach includes seeking regulatory approval in new jurisdictions to enter emerging markets. He ensures that AvaTrade offers comprehensive online educational services, emphasizing the importance of prudent trading decisions and risk management.

Ferguson’s leadership has significantly progressed AvaTrade in strategic expansion, innovative product development, and a focus on customer success and regulatory compliance.

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