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Suspected Fraud
Suspected Fraud

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Goldman Capital is a forex broker established in 2023, mainly providing trading services for financial products such as forex, commodities, indices, stock CFDs, and cryptocurrencies. Information transparency at Goldman Capital is low, lacking key information such as spreads, leverage, and minimum deposit requirements.

Company Background:

Goldman Capital is an emerging forex broker offering a variety of financial instruments, including currency pairs, metals, energy, commodities, indices, cryptocurrencies, and stock contracts for difference (CFDs). The company's entity and registration address have not been disclosed, with its specific office located in London, address at Chase Business Centre 39-41 Chase Side London, zip code N14 5BP. Goldman Capital's domain was registered on November 16, 2023, indicating a relatively short establishment period.

Goldman Capital’s domain registration time

Regulatory Status:

Goldman Capital claims to be regulated by the National Futures Association (NFA) in the United States, holding a regulatory license 0559072, and offering forex and other financial derivatives trading services under NFA's regulations. In reality, the holder of this regulatory license is VANGUARD FX LTD, not Goldman Capital. Goldman Capital may be suspected of impersonation and false regulatory information. Therefore, investors should remain vigilant and cautious about the services provided by this broker to avoid unnecessary risks and losses.

Goldman Capital’s NFA regulatory inquiry

Trading Products:

Goldman Capital offers a variety of trading products, including forex, precious metals and commodities, indices, stock CFDs (Contracts for Difference), and cryptocurrencies.

In forex trading, Goldman Capital offers opportunities to trade in both bullish and bearish markets, implements a T+0 trading policy, allows leverage up to 1:500, and provides 24-hour trading services weekly.

Goldman Capital’s trading products

For precious metals and commodities trading, Goldman Capital allows investors to monitor the market anytime, anywhere, and explicitly states the impact of supply and demand on the commodities market. This market attracts investors for price speculation, while Goldman Capital promises no hidden fees and offers deep and diverse liquidity, and guarantees no dealing desk and re-quotes services.

Goldman Capital’s commodities

In index trading, Goldman Capital offers flexible trading options, allowing investors to start trading from 0.01 lot. Moreover, Goldman Capital provides up to 1:333 leverage, and no re-quote service, executing trades swiftly through Equinix NY4 servers.

Goldman Capital’s indices

For stock CFDs (Contracts for Difference), Goldman Capital also offers flexible trading options, allowing investors to start trading from 0.01 lot. Goldman Capital provides up to 1:333 leverage and no re-quote service, executing trades swiftly through Equinix NY4 servers.

Goldman Capital’s stocks

In cryptocurrency trading, Goldman Capital offers access to the global stock CFD market. The broker provides no re-quote service, executing trades swiftly through Equinix NY4 servers.

Goldman Capital’s cryptocurrencies

Account Types:

Goldman Capital offers real accounts, including the Standard Account. The broker does not support demo accounts. Real accounts feature ultra-fast execution, low spreads, and no commission. Specific information on spreads and leverage is not disclosed. Trading execution is through Goldman Capital's standard account using the Equinix fiber network.

Regarding account registration, investors are unable to complete registration through the official website. Links to open accounts may lead to errors, and investors should remain alert when facing such situations.

Goldman Capital’s account types

Goldman Capital’s account registration

Trading Software:

Goldman Capital's trading servers are located at NY4 data center in New York, connected to the Equinix NY4 fiber network, bridged with dozens of top-tier liquidity providers through OneZero. Investors can download trading software via both iOS APP and ANDROID APP.

Goldman Capital offers proprietary trading software in both iOS and ANDROID versions. However, there is no entity behind this trading software, presenting significant trading risks. Therefore, investors should carefully consider and understand the potential risks before choosing trading software.

Goldman Capital’s servers

Goldman Capital’s trading platform (PC)

Goldman Capital’s trading platform (Mobile)

Customer Support:

Goldman Capital offers customer support services. Investors can contact the customer service team by sending an email to support@gm-markets.com. Goldman Capital's contact methods are relatively limited, lacking phone and online services among other methods. The broker may not be able to resolve issues related to trading platform usage, account operations, and other relevant matters promptly.


Goldman Capital is considered to be a forex broker falsely advertising itself, with suspicions of misusing other brokers' regulatory information. The broker has issues with incomplete important information, such as spreads, minimum deposit, maximum leverage, trading hours, and other key information missing. Given this, it is advised for investors to stay away from this trading platform to protect their financial safety from potential losses. Currently, Goldman Capital is marked as "suspected fraud" on TraderKnows.

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FAQ About Goldman Capital


What is Goldman Capital's official website?

A: Goldman Capital's official website is https://gm-markets.com/


Is Goldman Capital a legitimate company, or is it a scam?

A: Goldman Capital is currently marked as Suspected Fraud on TraderKnows.


What is Goldman Capital?

A: Goldman Capital is a Forex, Brokerage company.

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