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Suspected Fraud

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Enhance Pro is a cryptocurrency brokerage firm established in the United States in 2023, primarily offering trading services for cryptocurrencies to investors. The company's official website supports seven languages: English, French, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese.

The company has disclosed its registration information in the United States, which is genuine and verifiable, but this alone does not guarantee its safety and reliability. The transparency of the official website's information is relatively poor, with much critical information not disclosed, potentially leading to misunderstandings and information gaps.

Registration and Regulation Information:

Enhance Pro has disclosed its MSB registration number in the United States on its official website. Upon verification, the regulation is found to be genuine, and the institution's existence can be confirmed in the MSB database. However, possessing an MSB license alone does not demonstrate the broker's reliability.

According to a Whois website search, the platform's official website was registered on December 5, 2023, which is less than three months ago, indicating a very short period of operation.





Account Registration:

Enhance Pro offers only one registration portal, through which users can register for two types of accounts: a standard account and an email account. However, the official website does not disclose whether there are differences in services between these two account types, including maximum leverage, fees, minimum deposits, etc.



Leverage Ratio:

Enhance Pro does not disclose specific leverage ratios and related information on its official website, including how to use leverage and how to achieve the maximum leverage, etc.

Trading Products:

According to Enhance Pro's official website, the company offers a variety of cryptocurrency trading services to clients, including spot trading, perpetual contracts, and delivery contracts.

It is worth noting that although a fee column is displayed at the bottom of the trading section, this column remains empty and unchanged regardless of the trading volume entered, making it unclear whether there are no fees or if fees are not being displayed correctly.


Deposits and Withdrawals:

Enhance Pro does not provide information related to deposits and withdrawals on its official website, including waiting times, supported channels, supported currency types, and whether fees are required, etc.

The lack of clear information on deposits and withdrawals could potentially mislead users and lead to unnecessary losses.

Trading Software:

Enhance Pro's official website offers a proprietary trading platform, which can be downloaded directly from the website, including three portals for Android, iOS, and web versions.


Customer Support

Enhance Pro's official website only provides an email as a mode of contact, which is not a very efficient means of communication.

Although the website mentions 24/7 customer service, the service link is inoperable, and no other access points are provided.




As a cryptocurrency brokerage, Enhance Pro has verifiable regulatory information, but a single license does not suffice to prove its reliability. The brokerage lacks sufficient information in several essential areas such as corporate background, regulatory transparency, account information, and contact methods, and the regulatory oversight is not strong enough. For investors considering trading with Enhance Pro, thorough research and risk assessment are highly necessary.

Currently, Enhance Pro is flagged as "Suspected Fraud" on the traderknows circles.

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FAQ About Enhanced Pro


What is the official website of Enhanced Pro?

The official website of Enhanced Pro is https://www.enhance-pro.com/.


Is Enhanced Pro legit or scam?

Enhanced Pro is currently listed as Suspected Fraud on TraderKnows.


What kind of company is Enhanced Pro?

Enhanced Pro is a Crypto, Brokerage company.

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