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SmartTrade is a liquidity bridge enterprise headquartered in Aix, Aix-en-Provence, France. Founded in 1999, the company entity is smarttrade technologies inc. The company focuses on the foreign exchange field and was founded by David Vincent. SmartTrade has offices in several regions, respectively located in Aix, Geneva, Istanbul, London, New York, Paris, Singapore, Tokyo and Toronto in Provence region.

Business Scope

  1. Multi asset electronic trading technology solutions: SmartTrade provides end-to-end multi-asset electronic trading technology solutions to help financial institutions conduct electronic trading business. These solutions cover functions such as liquidity access, intelligent execution, risk management, order management, payment, analysis, and multi-channel distribution.
  2. LiquidityFX: LiquidityFX is a one-stop trading platform provided by smartTrade, providing customers with liquidity access, intelligent execution, and risk management functions, enabling them to conduct foreign exchange transactions and manage risks more efficiently.
  3. Analytics: smartTrade provides Analytics products, which is a solution for multi asset Big data analysis and reporting. Customers can conduct comprehensive analysis of transaction data and obtain relevant reporting information through this product.
  4. SmartFi: SmartTrade's smartFi solution targets fixed income products and provides customers with fixed income trading solutions to meet the trading needs of such products.
  5. CBP: CBP is a foreign exchange and payment solution provided by smartTrade, supporting customers in conducting foreign exchange transactions and payment businesses.

Customer Group

  1. Bank: As an enterprise that provides multi asset electronic trading technology solutions, one of SmartTrade's main customers is various banks. These banks can utilize smartTrade's solutions for foreign exchange transactions, fixed income transactions, etc., optimizing their trading processes and improving trading efficiency.
  2. Brokers: Brokers are trading intermediaries in the financial market and important customers of smartTrade. Brokers can provide their customers with more transaction options and services through the smartTrade platform, thereby enhancing their competitiveness.
  3. Buyers and institutions: In addition to banks and brokers, SmartTrade's customer base also includes other financial institutions, investment companies, hedge funds, and other buyers and institutions. These customers can utilize smartTrade's solutions to conduct transactions in foreign exchange and other asset classes to meet their investment and risk management needs.

Language Support: Japanese, English

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FAQ About smartTrade


What is the official website of smartTrade?

The official website of smartTrade is https://smart-trade.net/.


Is smartTrade legit or scam?

smartTrade is currently listed as Active on TraderKnows.


What kind of company is smartTrade?

smartTrade is a Forex, Bridge company.

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