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FXPN is a forex broker established in 2005 in Belarus with its headquarters in Minsk. The company is regulated by the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) of South Africa. This broker primarily offers trading services in forex, stocks, precious metals, commodities, indexes, and cryptocurrencies among other financial derivatives.

FXPN official website

Corporate Background

FXPN, a broker providing trading services in forex, stocks, precious metals, commodities, indexes, and cryptocurrencies, is registered as Leverate Capital Markets Limited Liability Company in Belarus. According to Whois information, the domain name of FXPN's official website was registered on September 17, 2005.

FXPN Whois registration

Regulatory Information

FXPN is a regulated forex broker, monitored by the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) of South Africa and holds a regulatory license with the license number 51545.

FXPN FSCA inquiry

Trading Products

FXPN offers a variety of trading products, including forex, stocks, precious metals, commodities, indexes, and cryptocurrencies.

  1. Forex: Forex market trading involves buying one currency while selling another, capitalizing on changes in exchange rates to make a profit. Forex trading can be conducted on exchanges, banks, financial institutions, and online trading platforms.
  2. Stocks: Stocks can be bought and sold on securities exchanges, with their prices typically determined by supply and demand factors and market expectations. Investors can participate in the growth and development of companies by purchasing stocks and earn returns from the stock market.
  3. Precious Metals: Investors usually participate in the precious metals market by purchasing physical precious metals, gold and silver ETFs (exchange-traded funds), or precious metal derivatives (such as futures contracts or contracts for difference).
  4. Commodities: The development and fluctuation of commodity markets have a significant impact on the global economy. Rising prices can lead to increased inflation, affecting consumer purchasing power and business costs, while price declines can hurt the income of raw material producers and a country's export revenue.
  5. Indexes: The composition and calculation methods of indexes are usually determined by index providers and can be adjusted based on market conditions and investor demand. Indexes can also be invested in through exchange-traded index funds (ETFs) or other financial derivatives.
  6. Cryptocurrencies: Due to factors such as supply and demand, market sentiment, and technological developments, the value of cryptocurrencies can fluctuate significantly, therefore investing in cryptocurrencies carries a high level of risk.
FXPN trading products

Trading Platforms

FXPN offers investors two trading platforms: SIRIX and SOCIAL TRADING.

  1. SIRIX: One-click execution, user-friendly interface, clear and intuitive dashboard, actionable trading insights.
  2. SOCIAL TRADING: Easily analyze the trading performance of other members. View the last 100 trades (excluding pending orders) of other traders. The personal profile page of each trader is displayed in the social feed, showing the recent 12 trades.
FXPN trading platforms

Account Types

FXPN offers four different types of trading accounts: Silver, Gold, Platinum, and VIP, to meet the needs of different traders.

  1. Sliver: A commission of 0.5%, standard trading fees.
  2. Gold: A commission of 0.4%, trading fees at a 10% discount.
  3. Platinum: A commission of 0.35%, trading fees at a 25% discount.
  4. VIP: A commission of 0.3%, trading fees at a 50% discount.
FXPN account types

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

FXPN provides a variety of deposit and withdrawal options, such as bank transfer, Swift, e-wallets, and debit/credit cards.

FXPN deposit and withdrawal methods

Customer Support

FXPN supports contact through multiple channels, including phone support, email support, and live chat.

  1. Phone support: +375 29 369 80 87.
  2. Email support: support@fxpn.by, complaints@fxpn.by.
FXPN customer support


FXPN, registered in Belarus and regulated by the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) of South Africa, offers a wide range of trading products, including forex, stocks, precious metals, commodities, indexes, and cryptocurrencies. TraderKnows reminds investors that trading in forex and CFDs and other leveraged products involves a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors.

Currently, FXPN is marked as "Active" on TraderKnows.

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What is FXPN's official website?

A: FXPN's official website is https://fxpn.com


Is FXPN a legitimate company, or is it a scam?

A: FXPN is currently marked as Active on TraderKnows.


What is FXPN?

A: FXPN is a Forex, Brokerage company.

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