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Suspected Fraud

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Capital FX (full name My Capital FX) is an online foreign exchange trading platform, but its corporate background and regulatory information are quite vague. The registered address is shown in London, UK, but a search for this address did not find any corresponding business records. At the same time, the company's official website lacks most of the effective information, such as account types and deposit and withdrawal methods. Currently, the website is: https://trade.mycapitalfx.com/login

The corporate background and regulatory information of Capital FX:

The official website of Capital FX shows that the registered address is in London, UK, and after querying the address provided by the official website, no business was found. The domain name of Capital FX was registered on December 11, 2022. The company has not received any regulation currently, and its security and transparency are low.



The account opening process of Capital FX:

Click the registration page on the official homepage, fill in the email and password. After completing registration, you can start trading.


Account types of Capital FX:

Capital FX's official website does not disclose account types.

Trading products of Capital FX:

Capital FX's website provides little information, and currently, no information about trading products is offered, but based on its official website name, Capital FX provides forex product services.

Trading software of Capital FX:

Capital FX offers the VertexFX Trader trading software. However, the official website does not introduce specific information about this trading software, and the security and reliability of this trading software are unknown.


Deposit and withdrawal methods of Capital FX:

Capital FX's official website does not disclose its deposit and withdrawal methods, how traders can deposit and withdraw as well as the security of traders' funds cannot be known and guaranteed.

The leverage and spreads of Capital FX:

Since the official website does not disclose its specific trading products, the leverage and spreads of Capital FX cannot be known.

Customer support options of Capital FX:

Email: support@mycapitalfx.com

Phone: +1-872-295-6587


For investors, choosing a reliable trading platform is essential. However, due to the lack of sufficient corporate information and regulatory certification of Capital FX, as well as the lack of transparency in transaction products, software, and deposit and withdrawal methods, investors should be cautious. Before deciding to collaborate with Capital FX, investors should thoroughly investigate and assess the risks and consider seeking more reliable and transparent trading channels. Currently, Capital FX is labeled as "Suspected Fraud" on TraderKnows.

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FAQ About Capital FX


What is Capital FX's official website?

A: Capital FX's official website is https://trade.mycapitalfx.com/login


Is Capital FX a legitimate company, or is it a scam?

A: Capital FX is currently marked as Suspected Fraud on TraderKnows.


What is Capital FX?

A: Capital FX is a Forex, Brokerage company.

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