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XSwap is a decentralized exchange and DeFi service platform, pivotal in the global community's operations and management of digital assets. It enhances the circulation, management, and application of digital assets within the ABEYCHAIN ecosystem.

Beyond being a trading platform, XSwap introduces innovative DeFi products, leveraging the high-speed and scalable ABEYCHAIN network to facilitate transactions for traders and yield farmers.

Foundation and Development of XSwap

XSwap is built on ABEYCHAIN, a multi-layered programmable blockchain designed for high-speed transactions. ABEYCHAIN's technological innovation positions it prominently in the blockchain sphere for handling large-scale transactions. Launched on November 6, 2021, XSwap quickly gained market recognition by locking in over $60 million in value within its first week, marking a significant milestone in the DeFi space.

Xswap introduction

Core Features of XSwap

  • Automated Market Making (AMM) and Liquidity Mining: XSwap uses AMM mechanisms and automatic liquidity protocols to provide a premium DeFi trading experience.
  • Multi-Chain Wallet: Users can securely store their digital assets in XSwap's multi-chain wallet.
  • XBridge Service: Provides cross-chain liquidity for all transactions on ABEYCHAIN, including decentralized applications and services on the XSwap platform.
  • XSWAPS Service: Enables token and altcoin exchanges on the XSwap platform, irrespective of their listing on any exchange.
  • XSTAKE Service: Offers users the opportunity to earn maximum returns by staking different cryptocurrencies at varying percentage rates.
  • XFARM Service: Earn rewards by contributing to XSwap's liquidity pools and through XBridge on other platforms, utilizing variable percentage yields.
  • XLOAN Service: Allows users to put their crypto assets to work and earn interest through lending, participating in XPOOL to generate interest from crypto assets.

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ABEYCHAIN is a highly scalable third-generation blockchain protocol with fast transaction speeds and low costs, suitable for developers. Its ecosystem includes the ABEY Storage Network, a dedicated NFT marketplace, and the native stablecoin ACT. ABEY token serves as the utility token for the XSwap DEX.

XSwap's Governance Token (XT)

XT, the governance token of XSwap, is distributed as liquidity mining rewards to users in the XSwap staking pool. Holders have governance rights and can vote on new developments and proposals on the DeFi platform. With a total supply of 1.2 billion tokens, XT was initially listed on XSwap, with plans for future listings on other exchanges. Its first airdrop occurred on August 17, 2021, with more planned for the future.

Innovations of XSwap

XSwap addresses liquidity issues by integrating an automatic liquidity system, ensuring that trades always have sufficient liquidity. Liquidity providers are rewarded for providing liquidity to trading pairs. Additionally, the automatic market-making model ensures accurate token prices on the platform, adjusting asset prices based on market demand and supply.

Technical Advantages of XSwap Platform

XSwap's technical foundation is robust, based on ABEYCHAIN, a multi-tiered programmable blockchain designed for high-speed transactions. Key advantages include:

  • High-Speed Transaction Processing: ABEYCHAIN's high transaction speed effectively handles a large volume of transactions, reducing latency.
  • Low-Cost Transactions: Compared to other blockchains like Ethereum, ABEYCHAIN's low transaction costs make it more accessible to retail investors in the DeFi market.
  • Cross-Chain Compatibility: XSwap supports multi-chain assets through its XBridge service, including BTC, ETH, LTC, offering users a wider range of trading options.

User Experience on XSwap

XSwap focuses on user experience, including:

  • Simplicity: An intuitive interface makes navigation and trading easy.
  • Non-Custodial Wallets: Users can connect non-custodial wallets like MetaMask or ABEY 2.0 Wallet for trading without storing funds within the exchange.
  • Diverse Service Options: XSwap offers various DeFi services, such as liquidity mining, staking, lending, providing diverse investment and profit opportunities.

Market Impact and Potential of XSwap

XSwap's market impact and future potential are significant:

  • Market Influence: As part of ABEYCHAIN, XSwap has attracted over 100,000 users, demonstrating its strong appeal in the DeFi space.
  • Competitive Edge: XSwap's low-cost transactions and fast processing have the potential to make it a leading contender in the DeFi sector.
  • Growth Potential: With further developments in blockchain technology and the growing DeFi market, XSwap is poised to attract more investors and developers.

XSwap in the Global DeFi Trend

Launched during a rising global DeFi trend, XSwap is well-positioned to capitalize on significant opportunities:

  • Growth in Global DeFi: The maturing market environment, with increasing interest and investment in decentralized finance globally, benefits XSwap.

Future Directions of XSwap

As ABEYCHAIN technology advances, XSwap continues to optimize its services and features to maintain a leading position in the competitive DeFi market. The platform is actively expanding its global market influence and strengthening its service range and efficiency through collaborations with other blockchain projects and platforms.


As an integral part of the ABEYCHAIN ecosystem, XSwap plays a key role in the decentralized finance domain. Its technological innovations, comprehensive service range, excellent user experience, and significant market performance make it a noteworthy platform in the DeFi field. With the ongoing development of blockchain technology and the maturing DeFi market, XSwap is expected to maintain its growth momentum, offering more financial services and opportunities to its users. So far on Traderknows, Xswap is marked as"Active".

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FAQ About XSwap


What is the official website of XSwap?

The official website of XSwap is https://xswap.com/.


Is XSwap legit or scam?

XSwap is currently listed as In-Operation on TraderKnows.


What kind of company is XSwap?

XSwap is a Crypto, Brokerage company.

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