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LKLEE is a contract-for-difference (CFD) broker established on May 23, 2024. This broker primarily provides investors with investment services in CFD markets for forex, commodities, stocks, and indices. It does not offer services to countries and regions where doing so might violate local laws or regulations.

Company Registration Information and Regulatory Status

According to publicly available information on the LKLEE (www.lklee.com) website, the brokerage company entity is Lklee Ltd, a fully licensed global forex and CFD broker registered in the United States, regulated by the National Futures Association (NFA) with regulation number 0564278. Additionally, the broker is registered with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) in the U.S., with MSB number 1000273101721.

Upon verification, the National Futures Association (NFA) website shows that Lklee Ltd is registered as a non-member entity, a registration type not authorized or regulated by the NFA. Also, while registration information for Seandar Inc can be found on the FinCEN website, FinCEN's mission is to protect the financial system from illegal use and combat money laundering and related crimes, including terrorism, through the strategic use of financial authorities and the collection, analysis, and dissemination of financial intelligence. It does not regulate normal financial derivatives trading.

As a result, LKLEE (www.lklee.com) is suspected of misleading investors and is essentially an unregulated fraudulent broker website.





Account Opening Process

The account opening process for an LKLEE trading account involves the following steps: Visit the broker's official website, click on "Register an account" at the top right corner of the homepage to access the account registration page, fill in personal details such as your name and email address, and set a login password. Then, the broker will send a verification code to the email address provided. Enter the code and submit it to complete the account verification and registration.



Trading Accounts

LKLEE offers two types of trading accounts: a standard user account and a partner account.

Standard User Account:

  • Maximum leverage: 1:400
  • Trading instruments: 52 currency pairs, 12 stocks, 120 global indices, gold, oil, silver, and others
  • Variable spreads
  • Demo option available

Partner Account:

  • Commission for LKLEE ECN account: 2 pips per currency pair
  • Commission for LKLEE standard variable/fixed account: 5 pips per currency pair
  • Commission applies only to ECN, standard variable, and standard fixed accounts
  • Bonuses can be used for trading when the balance is zero or negative, but rebates cannot be obtained from such trades
  • The difference between opening and closing prices must be at least 10 pips
  • There should be a minimum interval of 1 minute between the opening and closing times
  • Rebates are credited to accounts every 24 hours
  • Commissions are credited to the partner account and can be withdrawn using any available payment method after the partner has introduced at least 3 active trading clients
  • No commission is granted for accounts with no deposit bonus


Trading Platform:

LKLEE claims to offer a self-developed trading platform available for both desktop and mobile devices.


Deposits and Withdrawals:

LKLEE supports deposits and withdrawals through various methods including credit/debit cards, e-wallets, and bank transfers.




Traderknows reminds investors that LKLEE is actually an unregulated scam broker website. Investors are advised to choose brokers with transparent information, strong regulation, and a good reputation to avoid unnecessary financial losses.

Currently, this broker is marked as "Suspected Fraud" on Traderknows.

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Anonymous User



lklee's interface design is simple and intuitive, allowing users to easily find the information and tools they need. Both beginners and experienced users can quickly get started because the website ha

Anonymous User



They asked me to deposit around 300k in order to withdraw my deposits in a short time, which is 30% of the money I have in my account. Otherwise I would lost all my money. I am not doing any tradings



What is LKLEE's official website?

A: LKLEE's official website is https://www.lklee.com


Is LKLEE a legitimate company, or is it a scam?

A: LKLEE is currently marked as Suspected Fraud on TraderKnows.


What is LKLEE?

A: LKLEE is a CFD, Brokerage company.

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